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NASA Study Group on Machine Intelligence and Robotics - Workshop

University of Maryland

June 27-29, 1977

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Stanley R. Sadin
Daniel H. Herman
King S. Fu
Samuel W. McCandless
Tom O. Binford
David Blanchard
Richard C. Henry
Harold B. Alsberg
J. H. von Puttkamer
Douglas A. Gilstad
William L. Smith
Dan C. Popma
Leonard Friedman
Lester K. Fero
Simon V. Manson
William B. Gevarter
Stephen Yerazunis
Charles J. Rieger
Berthold Horn

Program Overview
Planetary Exploration
Pattern Recognition
Global Resources and Earth Observation
Scene Analysis
Flight Operations and Mission Control
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
End-to-End Data Management
Space Industrialization
Large Area Space Structures
Remotely Operated Systems Development
Teleoperator Supporting Research and Technology
Robotic Tool Systems
Space Transportation Systems and Associated Ground Operations
Space Power
NASA's Robotics Program
Locomotion and Navigation of Roving Vehicles
Communicating with Machines
Machine Intelligence and Robotics – Prospects for Practical Applications

NASA Study Group on Machine Intelligence and Robotics – Workshop IIA

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

September 28–29, 1977

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Henry W. Norris
Arden L. Albee
Victor C. Clarke
James R. French
Henry W. Norris
Marvin Minsky
Boris M. Dobrotin
Marvin Minsky
William Whitney
James D. Burke
Garrett Paine
Berthold Horn
Robert B. McGhee
William Whitney
Charles J. Rieger
George P. Textor
James S. Albus
Charles J. Rieger

Results of Mars 1984 Mission Study
Science Goals Achieved by a Rover
Mission Design - Character of the 1984 Opportunity
Rover System Description
Project Overview – Alternate System Description, Costs, Schedule
Manipulation for Planetary Surface Rovers
Manipulation and Sensing Requirements as a Function of Science Objectives
Summation and Discussions
Locomotion for Planetary Surface Rovers
Locomotion for Planetary Surface Rovers
Locomotion for Planetary Surface Rovers
Locomotion for Planetary Surface Rovers
Locomotion for Planetary Surface Rovers
Summation and Discussions
Operations for Planetary Surface Rovers
Operations for Planetary Surface Rovers
Operations for Planetary Surface Rovers
Summation and Discussions

NASA Study Group on Machine Intelligence and Robotics – Workshop IIB

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

September 30, 1977 Subject

Speaker Algirdas A. Avizienis

Architectures for S/C Computers – Introduction and Overview David A. Rennels

Architectures for S/C Computers - S/C Dist. Computer Architectures Herbert Hecht

Architectures for S/C Computers - Centralized Satellite Computer Danny Cohen

Architectures for S/C Computers – Discussions William M. Whitney

Architectures for S/C Computers - Discussions Samuel Fuller

Trends in Computer Architectures – Multiprocessor Architectures Richard Greenblatt

Trends in Computer Architectures LISP Processor Marvin Minsky

Trends in Computer Architectures Discussions Justin Ratner

Trends in LSI Technology – New Directions in MOS Technology Carver A. Mead

Trends in LSI Technology – Designing in LSI Michael Ebersole

Panel Discussion Alan Perlis

Panel Discussion Ivan Sutherland

Panel Discussion Carver A. Mead

Panel Discussion Algirdas A. Avizienis

Panel Discussion

NASA Study Group on Machine Intelligence and Robotics - Workshop III

Goddard Space Flight Center

November 30, 1977 Speaker

Subject David Blanchard

NASA Organizations and Project Development Programs John B. Zegalia

A Typical NASA End-to-End Data System Richard des Jardins

Mission Independent Ground Operation Systems Stephen R. McReynolds

Survey of NASA Applications of Advanced Automation John Y. Sos

Trends in Space Telemetry Data Processing John J. Quann

Large Data Base Application Requirements Robert D. Chapman

Need of Space Lab Facility Class Instruments of the Future Press Rose

Payload Software Technology Robert Balzer

Report on MSFC Data Management Symposium Leonard Friedman

Report on AIAA Computers in Aerospace Conference B. Gentry Lee

Mission Operations for Planetary Missions James Porter

Viking Mission Operation Strategy B. A. Claussen

Viking Lander Software Harlan Mills

System Development Methodology Azriel Rosenfeld

Spacial Data Bases: Problems and Prospects Nico Habermann

System Development Control Robert Balzer

Program Specification and Verification John V. Guttag

Aspects of Program Specifications Brian Smith

KRL: Knowledge Representation Language Mary Shaw

ALPHARD: A Language for the Development of Structured Programs Warren Teitelman

Interactive Development of Large Systems Allen Newell

ZOG: An Iterative System for Exploring Large Knowledge Bases Donald A. Norman

Powers and Limitations of the Human Brain, Mind, Storage Thomas B. Sheridan

Discussion Donald A. Norman


NASA Study Group on Machine Intelligence and Robotics – Workshop IV

Johnson Space Center

February 1-2, 1978



Brian O'Leary
Earle M. Crum
George F. von Tiesenhausen
W. H. Steurer
C.C. Kraft
Allen J. Louviere
Robert V. Powell
Ted Carey
Hugh J. Dudley
George W. Smith
William R. Ferrell
Oliver Selfridge
Donald A. Norman
Thomas B. Sheridan

The Mining, Delivery and Processing of Non-Terrestrial Materials in Space
Lunar Resources Utilization for Space Construction
Space Processing and Manufacturing
Recovery of Lunar Metals for Terrestrial Consumption
Attached Manipulators and Fabrication in Space
Large Antenna Reflectors Deployment and Erection
Geostationary Platform Studies and Teleoperators
Fabrication in Space and Simulation of Fabrication Operations
Teleoperator Control for Space Construction
Human Performance and Man-Machine Allocation for Space Tasks
Multilevel Exploration: Human and Computer Roles
Human Information Processing
Summary Remarks

NASA Study Group on Machine Intelligence and Robotics – Workshop V

NASA Headquarters

March 8-9, 1978



Automated Scene Analysis for Space Systems

Donald Williams/
Robert Cunningham
Jay M. Tenenbaum
Phillip H. Swain
Henry Cook

Alex F. H. Goetz
Thomas Young
Charles Elachi
Edward J. Groth
James Cutts
Raj Reddy
David Schaeffer
Graham Nudd
Q. R. Mitchell
B. R. Hunt
V. Casler/Ivan Sutherland
Berthold Horn
David Milgram/
Azriel Rosenfeld
Jay M. Tenenbaum

Application of Al to Remote Sensing
At the Frontiers of Earth Resources Image Processing
DMA Applications of Automatic Cartography & Possible Requirements for Machine

Geological Resource Exploration
Future Mission Requirements
Radar Imaging, Venus Orbiting Radar, SEASAT
Large Space Telescopes
Planetary Geology
SMU Signal Processor
The Massive Parallel Processor (MPP)
CCD Image Processing
Coding and Data Compression Techniques
Enhancement, Restoration, and Geometric Transformations
Graphics and Simulation Systems
Motion and Texture
Relaxation Algorithms


Appendix B

Marvin Minsky. “Steps Toward Artificial Intelligence,” pp 406-450, in Computers and Thoughts, edited by Edward A. Feigenbaum and Julian Feldman, copyrighted 1963 by McGraw-Hill, Inc. Reproduced by permission of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., successor to the Institute of Radio Engineers, original copyright holder of the Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers, January 1961, Vol 49, pp 8-30.

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