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mory is blessed, and he will be had in everlasting remembrance, and that he is entered into that rest that abides for ever; though the sense that was upon me of the great loss, and great want that would be of this valiant champion of the Lord, cannot be expressed nor known as yet; and seeing so many worthy men, and champions of God have been taken away from amongst us of late, who finished their course, and received that crown of life and glory that was laid up for them, my earnest breathings and prayer to God is, that we may all double our diligence, and walk in the holy order, and under the rule and government of our Lord and master, Jesus Christ, our captain and bishop of our souls, that he over all may have the glory and praise for ever, and ever, amen.

York, the 2d month, 1691.

RICHARD ROBINSON'S TESTIMONY OF G. F.-That the Lord raised him up and made use of him in early days, in his young years, and sent him abroad in his power, endued him with his wisdom, and made him prosperous in his hand, to the gathering many to the Lord, and the glory of his arisings, and turning them from darkness, and the ways and works thereof, unto the true light, and from the power of Satan, unto the power of the living and true God; and confirming the faithful in that testimony God had given him. He became famous, honourable, and of good esteem amongst good men; and the word of God's eternal power dwelt plenteously in him: the judgment of the Lord having fallen upon me (for my rebellion) and continued so long, that I began to question if I had not slighted the day of my salvation. This messenger of the Lord came into our parts in the third month, 1652, who taught that every man was enlightened, and had a measure of light and grace from the Lord Jesus Christ, and that if it was obeyed and followed, it would lead to God, but being disobeyed, would become men's condemnation, which reached home to my understanding; and from that day and time I became affected to him, and that people that holds forth that doctrine, and lived up to the same, although they were but few that then professed the truth in these parts: I found him to be a man fearing God and loving righteousness, endued with the spirit of judgment, and discerning, of a sound mind, and with gifts and graces becoming a true minister of the Gospel, a messenger of our Lord Jesus Christ; in a great measure being learned in Christ's school, in the things relating to God's kingdom; he stood in defence of the truth against all opposition, and in all things he came to be tried with; he did approve himself a minister of God, in much patience, in afflictions, imprisonments, tumults, sufferings and travels; through

whose labour, diligent testimony, and good example, many have been turned to the Lord, and had occasion to rejoice in the God of their salvation; and being gone to his rest with the Lord, he is ceased from all his labours, travels and exercises, and his good works follow him; I have observed that a heavenly divine virtue did attend him, to the converting, uniting and preserving the Lord's people out of rents and divisions; and it hath been sealed upon my spirit, that his soul is with the Lord, to rest in the paradise of his pleasure for evermore.

Countersell, Yorkshire, the 21st of the 12th month, 1690.

JOHN BOWATER'S TESTIMONY.-A short testimony for our honourable brother in the faith, G. F. It is about thirty years since I first heard him; his matter was sound and weighty, though not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in the demonstration of the spirit and power of God, opening many weighty things; he travelled up and down in God's power, to gather people from the idol shepherds (that only feed themselves) to God, that people might know the true shepherd and bishop of the soul, and his voice in them; through many trials the Lord upheld him, and delivered him out of many prisons he was cast into; he travelled into many countries and islands beyond the seas, into some of which I afterwards travelled, and saw the fruit of his labours in many places, where he had settled many monthly, quarterly and yearly meetings, that are of great service in many parts of the world, though some angry and unruly spirits were offended, as some were against, Moses; though there was not a meeker man upon the earth, yet some said that he took too much upon him, as some have, concerning this faithful servant of Christ, whose labour and care was all along to promote truth; since God first sent him forth to preach his gospel, his care was, to keep things sweet, clean and savoury in the church of Christ, and that care might be taken for the poor, fatherless and widows; and not many days before his decease, to wit, the 5th of the 11th month, 1690, about eight days before his departure, at our Second-day morning meeting, I much minded his exhortation to us, encouraging Friends that have gifts, to make use of them, mentioning many countries beyond the seas that wanted visiting, instancing the labours and hard travels of Friends, in the beginning of the spreading of truth in our days, in breaking up of countries, and of the rough ploughing they had in steeple houses, &c. but now it was more easy; and he complained of many Demases and Cains, who embrace the present world, and encumber themselves with their own businesses, and neglect the Lord's, and so are good for nothing; and said, they that had wives should be as though

they had none; and who goeth a warfare, should not entangle himself with the things of this world. The Lord took him away from the evil to come, and delivered him out of the hands of his enemies, who hated him without a cause.

EDWARD BOURN'S TESTIMONY.-After a long night of apostacy, the great God raised up our dear brother, G. F. to publish the everlasting gospel, in the nation of England, and abroad in other nations, whereby many were turned to the Lord, and found him whom their souls loved, who is the desire of the righteous: in many tribulations and exercises, this our dear friend passed through, the Lord was with him, and did bless and prosper him in his work; I was often with him in person, in several places; Christ sent him forth to preach glad tidings and good things to the poor, labouring in the universal spirit and grace of God, for the good of Adam's posterity, that they might come to the knowledge of the truth, and be saved; and in his testimony in our holy assembly, he did not appear with the enticing words of man's wisdom, but in the demonstration of the spirit and power of God, and with authority from him, and they who had the savour of life in them had a sense of the same: we cannot by commendation add to his happiness or faithfulness in the service of the Lord, for he was of a deep judgment and sound understanding; and the spirit and power of truth witnesseth to me, that he is amongst the faithful and chosen of the Lord, who died in him, and whose works follow them; and his works and writings, for the exalting of the ever blessed truth, and for the debasing of deceit, will remain as a blessed memorial to generations to come.

Worcester, the 24th of the 4th month, 1692.

LEONARD FELL'S TESTIMONY.-My testimony for my dear, true, and well-beloved friend and father in Christ, George Fox.

He was a man that loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; and the great God of heaven and earth wrought in him by his power and spirit, and framed him according to his mind, and fitted and furnished him for his great and heavenly work, and then sent him into the world; and many were turned to righteousness by him: for many years I frequented his company, and I never saw any thing by him, but that he was kept from the spots of the world, and having finished his course, and truly performed his heavenly father's great work and service, through many trials, tribulations and exercises, he hath laid down

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his head in peace and great joy with the Lord in his kingdom, where his abiding place must be for ever, and evermore.

London, the 13th of the 4th month, 1691.

THOMAS ROBERTSON'S TESTIMONY of G. F.-The blessed everlasting day of the Lord dawned upon him in our age; he preached the blessed light, and many became children of it, whereby the darkness was driven away; he had the word of reconciliation, whereby many were brought to God out of sin and evil, and through judgment received mercy and refreshment from the presence of the Lord; let all that are called to it tread in the same steps, and teach the same things, that they may profit themselves and others.

The 20th of the 7th month, 1691.

STEPHEN HUBBERSTY'S TESTIMONY of G. F.-He was a man filled with the divine power and wisdom of God, which made him very honourable in the churches of Christ; my soul loved him from the first; he was a father in Christ to me, and to many thousands; God made use of him, for the turning of us from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, in which we have found eternal salvation; God preserved him to see the head of the spirit of opposition broken, by which he suffered deeply; he sought the honour of God, by whom he was highly beloved, and of all good men; and the Lord took him in everlasting mercy to himself, and the same mercy will be unto all those that walk in his steps unto the end.

ROBERT JONES'S TESTIMONY.-A few words by way of testimony, according to the knowledge and experience that I had of my dear friend, and honourable in the Lord his God, G. F.

I certainly believe, that the Lord found him out, and fitted him for his work and service, and did empower him from on high, to go forth in that great and glorious work, whereunto he did commission him, making his overcoming power manifest through him, to the turning of many from darkness to the holy pure light, and from the power of Satan to the power of God: for the word of the Lord went through him as a lamp that burneth, opening the eyes of many that sat in darkness, and dwelt as in the region of the shadow of death; many are the wit

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nesses thereof: Oh! how was he carried through so many trials, deep exercises, and sufferings of various sorts, both by sea and land? Surely it was the Lord his God, who clothed him with his holy armour, that the arrows of the uncirmcumcised could not hurt him (though ever so many and violent) for his life was hid with Christ in God. I had knowledge of him above thirty years, being with him in many meetings, and at my own house and elsewhere, by whose testimony I was refreshed and made glad in the Lord; for his testimony was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in the power and demonstration of the spirit of the most high God, both sound and pertinent, to the edification of the hearers, in great plainness exhorting people to wait to feel the power of God in themselves, and keep to it; the children of the light can witness for him, that his doctrine was sound and weighty; the light of Christ he laboured to turn the minds of people to, whereby they might witness the seed of the kingdom, to have dominion in their inward parts. What shall I say? In the blessed seed he lived, and died, and is ever with the Lord his God to behold his glory. I have sometimes admired the great goodness of the Lord, in prolonging his days (which was of great service to the church of Christ) considering his great infirmities of body, by reason of his sore and hard sufferings. Well, good was, and is, the Lord that preserved him, who is gone to eternal rest, and has left a good savour behind him. To this as a testimony for, and in behalf of my dear friend deceased, I in truth of heart subscribe my name, as above written.

The 20th of the 5th month, 1691.

A Testimony from Friends of Berkshire, viz. OLIVER SANSOM, JOHN BUY, JOHN GIDDENS, and others, of the labours and travels of our dear friend, G. F.

He was a father and an honourable elder in the church of God, a faithful pastor, and a diligent and careful overseer over the whole flock of Christ in his time; and in the universal spirit of love and life, he laboured abundantly, to the advancement of the kingdom of God, and the increase of the government of Christ Jesus, and establishing the good order thereof in all places wherever he came.

And we in this county were partakers of his labour of love and fatherly care, having been often comforted and refreshed by his ministry, which was not in the words of man's wisdom, but in the demonstration of the spirit and power of God; and also by his epistles, which were of great benefit, full of divine counsel, good exhortations, and wholesome

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