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Key to Periodical References—Continued



Ariz Service Bul. Arizona Service Bulletin.

Arizona State Council of Defense, Phoenix Ark Banker. Arkansas Banker. $1 a year.

Arkansas Bankers Association, 507 Southern

Trust bldg., Little Rock
Armenian Herald. $1; single numbers 10c. Ar-

menian National Union of America, 401-403

Old South bldg., Boston
Arts and Decoration. $4; single numbers

35c. Hewitt Publishing Corporation, 470 4th av,

Asheville Energy. Asheville Board of Trade,

Asheville, N.C.
Asia. Annual dues $3; American Asiatic Asso-

ciation, 627 Lexington av, N.Y.
Atlantic City. Atlantic City Chamber of Com-

merce, Atlantic City, N.J. Atlan Deeper Waterways Assn Bul. Bulletin of

the Atlantic Deeper Waterways Association.

$1 a year. 815 Crozer bldg., Philadelphia Atlan. Atlantic Monthly. $4; single numbers

35c. Atlantic Monthly Company, 41 Mt Ver

non st, Boston
Australian Forestry J. Australian Forestry

Journal. 25 a year. Issued quarterly under
the direction of the Forestry Commission of
New South Wales, Sydney
Automotive Ind. Automotive Industries. $3; sin-

gle numbers 15c. Class Journal Company,

231 W. 39th st, N.Y.
Avenue. Standard dues $20 a year. 5th Avenue

Association, 542 5th av. N.Y.
Back to Mufti. Repatriation Committee, 45

Rideau st, Ottawa, Can.
Baltimore. $1; single numbers 10c. Merchants

and Manufacturers Association, Baltimore,

Baltimore Munic J. Baltimore Municipal Jour-

nal, a semi-monthly publication of facts. Room

26, City Hall, Baltimore Banker-Farmer. 50c

year. Agricultural Commission of the American Bankers Asso

ciation, Champaign, Ill. Bankers

Bankers Magazine. $5; single numbers 50c. Bankers Publishing Company,

253 Broadway, N.Y. Barge Canal Bul. Barge Canal Bulletin. New York State Engineer and Surveyor

Discontinued with the January, 1919 issue. Berkeley Civic Bul. Berkeley Civic Bulletin.

$1; single numbers 10c. City Club of Berke

ley, 2800 Fulton st, Berkeley, Cal. Better Business, $1; single numbers 15c. Cana

dian Credit Men's Trust Association, Ltd., 605

Confederation Life bldg., Winnipeg, Man. Birmingham. Chamber of Commerce, Birming

ham, Ala. Birth Control R. Birth Control Review. $1.50;

single numbers 15c. New York Women's Pub

lishing Company, Inc. 104 5th av, N.Y. Bookm. Bookmán. $4; single numbers 25c.

George H. Doran Company, 4th av & 30th st,

Bookseller Newsdealer and Stationer. $1.50 a

year. 156 5th av, N.Y.
Borrowers' Bul. Borrowers' Bulletin. Federal

Farm Loan Bureau, United States Treasury

Department, Washington, D.C.
Boston City Club Bul. Boston City Club Bulle-

tin. Boston
Boston Med and Surgical J. Boston Medical

and Surgical Journal; official organ of the Massachusetts Medical Society and of the New England Surgical Society. $5; single

numbers 15c. 126 Massachusetts av Boston Soc C E J. Journal of the Boston So

ciety of Civil Engineers. $ 1 (ten numbers);
single numbers 50c. 715 Tremont Temple,

Boy Power. United States Boys' Working Re-

serve, United States Employment Service,
Department of Labor, 19th and Dsts, NW.,

Washington, D.C.
Boys' Workers' Round Table. $2; single num-

bers 20c. Boys' Club Federation, Inc., 1 Mad

ison av, N.Y. Bridgeport Progress. Bridgeport Chamber of

Commerce. First-Bridgeport National Bank bldg., Bridgeport, Conn.

Brooklyn Chamber Commerce Bul. Bulletin of

the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. Brook

lyn, N.Y. Brooklyn Pub Lib Bul. Brooklyn Public Library

Bulletin. 26 Brevoort Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. Buffalo Sanitary Bul. Buffalo Sanitary Bulle

tin. Department of Health, Buffalo, N.Y. Bulletin. The Bulletin. New York State Indus

trial Commission, Albany Bul

of Bibl. Bulletin of Bibliography and Drama. $2; single numbers 50c. Boston Book

Company, 83-91 Francis st, Boston
Bush M. Bush Magazine of Factory and Ship-

ping and Sales Economy. $1 a year. Bush
Magazine Division, Bush Terminal Company,

130 W. 42nd st, N.Y. Business Service. $1.50 a year. American Col

lection Service, Cass bldg., Detroit, Mich.
Cal Blue Bul. California Blue Bulletin. State

Department of Education, Sacramento
Cal Commonwealth Club Transac. Transactions

of the Commonwealth Club of California.

Room 402. 153 Kearny st, San Francisco
Cal Fish and Game. California Fish and Game.

California Fish and Game Commission, Sacra

mento Cal Safety N. California Safety News. Indus

trial Accident Commission of California, 525

Market St, San Francisco
Cal State J Med. California State Journal of

Medicine. Medical Society of the State of
California, Butler bldg., 135 Stockton st, San

Cal Taxpayers' J. California Taxpayers' Jour-

nal. Tax Payers' Association of California,

508 Insurance Exchange bldg., San Francisco Can Agric Gaz. Agricultural Gazette of Can

ada. $1; single numbers 10c. Department of

Agriculture, Ottawa
Can Co-op. Canadian Co-operator; organ of

the Cooperative Union of Canada. 50c a year;

$3 per 100. Brantford, Ontario
Can Food Bul. Canadian Food Bulletin. Canada

Food Board, Ottawa
Can Labour Gaz. Labour Gazette. 20c; single

numbers 3c. Department of Labour, Ottawa Can M. Canadian Magazine. $2.50; single num

bers 25c. Ontario Publishing Company, Ltd.,

200-206 Adelaide st. W., Toronto Can Munic J. Canadian Iunicipal Journal. Offi

cial organ of the Union of Canadian Municipalities. $2.25 a year. Canadian Municipal Journal Company, Ltd., Coristine bldg., Mon

treal Can Official Rec. Canadian Official Record.

Director of Public Information, Ottawa
Carnegie Lib Pittsburgh Monthly Bul. Carne-

gie Library of Pittsburgh Monthly Bulletin.
50c a year.
Forbes st and

Bellefield av,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Carry On. Free for one year to those specifically

requesting it. 311 4th av, N.Y.
Casualty Actuarial and Statis Soc of Am Proc.

Proceedings of the Casualty Actuarial and
Statistical Society of America. $3; single num-

bers $1. 230 5th av, NY.
Catholic Charities R. Catholic Charities Re-

view. $1; single numbers 15c. National Con-
ference of Catholic Charities, 120 W. 60th st,

Catholic Educ Assn Bul. Catholic Education

Association Bulletin. $2 including
membership fee. F. W. Howard, sec., 1651 E.

Main șt, Columbus, O.
Chamber of Commerce (La Crosse). Chamber of

Commerce, La Crosse, Wis.
Chamber of Commerce N (Kalamazoo). Cham-

ber of Commerce News. Kalamazoo, Mich. Chem & Met Eng. Chemical and Metallurgical

Engineering. $3: single numbers 25c. McGraw

Hill Company, Inc., 10th av at 36th st, N.Y. Chem Bul. Chemical Bulletin. Chemical Na

tional Bank, Library, 270 Broadway, N.Y. Chicago Dept Pub Welfare Bul. Bulletin of

the Department of Public Welfare. Chicago Chicago School Sanitary Instruction Bul. Chi

cago School of Sanitary Instruction Bulletin. New City Hall, Chicago


Key to Periodical References Continued

Chicago Schools J. Chicago Schools Journal.

Chicago Normal College, 68th st and Stewart av, Chicago Child Labor Bul. Child Labor Bulletin. $2 a

year; single numbers variously priced. Na-
tional Child Labor Committee, 105 E. 22d st,

Continued as the American child.
Child Welfare Graphic. National Child Wel-

fare Association, Inc., 70 5th av, N.Y.
Child Welfare M. Child-Welfare Magazine. $1;

single numbers 10c. Child-Welfare Company,

41 N. Queen st, Lancaster, Pa. Cincinnatian. $1; single numbers 5c. Cham

ber of Commerce, 4th and Vine sts, Cincin

nati, 0.
Citizen Control of the Citizen's Business White

Pa. Citizen Control of the Citizen's Business
White Paper. Bureau of Municipal Research,
Toronto, Can.
Citizen's Business. 50c a year. Bureau of Mu-

nicipal Research, 805 Franklin Bank bldg.,

City and State. $1; single numbers 10c. Balti-

more Alliance and Women's Civic League,
Room 101, McCoy Hall, Baltimore
City Builder (Atlanta). single numbers 10c.
Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of

Commerce bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
City Bul. City Bulletin; official publication of

the city of Columbus. '50c a year. City Clerk City Club Bul (Chicago). City Club Bulletin

(Chicago). $1; single numbers 10c. City Club

of Chicago, 315 Plymouth Court City Club Bul (Milwaukee). City Club Bul

letin. City Club of Milwaukee, 211 Grand av,

Milwaukee, Wis.
City Club Bul (N.Y.). Bulletin of the City Club

of New York. 55 W. 44th st
City Rec (Boston). City Record; official pub-

lication of the city of Boston. $1; single numbers 5c. City Hall, Boston City Rec. City Record. Official publication of

the city of Cleveland. 50c a year. Clerk of

Council, Room 73, City Hall
Civic Affairs. Civic League of Cleveland, O.
Civic Alliance Bul. Civic Alliance Bulletin. 3c

by mail. Massachusetts Civic Alliance, 50

Bromfield st, Boston
Civic Club Buí (Philadelphia). Civic Club Bul-

letin. 250 to members; 50c to non-members;
single numbers 8c. 1300 Spruce st, Philadel-
phia, Pa.
Civic Club of Allegheny Co Monthly Bul.

Monthly Bulletin of the Civic Club of Alle

gheny County. Keenan bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. Civic Comment. Single numbers 5c. American

Civic Association, Union Trust bldg., Wash

ington, D.C. Civic Fed of Chicago Bul. Bulletin of the

Civic Federation of Chicago. 1009 The Temple, Chicago Civic Progress. Columbus Chamber of Com

merce, 30 E. Broad st, Columbus, O. Civic Searchlight. Detroit Citizens League,

1001-4 Dime Bank bldg., Detroit, Mich. Civics and Com. Civics and Commerce. Merch

ants and Manufacturers Association of Mil

waukee, Wis.
Civil Service Chronicle. $2; single numbers 5c.
Civil Service Chronicle, Inc., 23 Duane st,

Class Struggle. $1.50; single numbers 25c. SO-

cialist Publication Society, 243 55th st,

Brooklyn, N.Y.
Club Worker. $1 a year; club members 50c.

National League of Women Workers, 35 E.

30th st, N.Y. Coal Industry. $1; single numbers 15c. National

Iron and Steel Publishing Company, 108

Smithfield st, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Color Trade J. Color Trade Journal. $5; single

numbers 50c. Color Trade Journal, Inc., 21

E. 40th st, N.Y.
Colo Fuel and Iron Co Ind Bul. Colorado Fuel

and Iron Company Industrial Bulletin, Bos-
ton bldg., Denver, Colo.

Columbia Univ Studies in History, Econ and

Pub Law. Columbia University Studies in History, Economics and Public Law. variously priced. Longmans, Green & Co., 433-449 4th

av, cor. 30th st, N.Y. Commerce Club N (Toledo). Commerce Club

News. $1 a year; 250 to members. Toledo

Commerce Club, Toledo, O.
Commerce Monthly. Commerce Club, National

Bank of Commerce in New York, 31 Nassau

st Commerce Repts. Comerce Reports. Issued

daily by the United States Department of
Commerce. $2.50; single numbers 50. U.S.

Supt. of Doc.
Commercial. The Commercial. $1.50; single

numbers 50. Denver Civic and Commerce As

sociation, Denver, Colo. Commercial Am. Commercial America. $2 a

year. Philadelphia Commercial Museum, For-
eign Trade Bureau, 34th st below Spruce,

Commonhealth. Massachusetts State Depart-

ment of Health, Boston

R. Commonwealth Review. F. G. Young, editor. Published quarterly by

the University of Oregon, Eugene Community. Welfare League, 1100 Starks bldg.,

Louisville, Ky.
Community Business (Madison). Madison As-

sociation of Commerce, Madison, Wis. Concrete Highway M. Concrete Highway Mag

azine. 50c a year. Portland Cement Associa

tion, 111 W. Washington st, Chicago Concrete Products. $1; single numbers 10c. In

ternational Trade Press, Inc., 52 W. Jackson

blvd., Chicago Conference Bul. Conference Bulletin. 50c;

single numbers 5c. National Conference of

Social Work, 315 Plymouth Court, Chicago Cong Rec. Congressional Record. $8 for the

session; $1.50 per month; single numbers 3c for 24 pages or less, each additional eight pages 1c extra. Cornelius Ford, public printer, Washington, D.C. May be obtained

gratis from local representative Conservation. Commission of Conservation. Ot

tawa, Can. Conservation of Life. Commission of Conserva

tion, Ottawa, Can. Constitutional R. Constitutional Review. $1;

single numbers 25c. National Association for
Constitutional Government, 717 Colorado bldg.,

Washington, D.C.
Consumers' League Bul. Consumers' League

Bulletin. Consumers' League of New York

State, 405 Vinney bldg., Syracuse
Contemp. Contemporary Review. $6; single

numbers 75c. Leonard Scott Publication Com

pany, 249 W. 13th st, N.Y.
Conveyor. Milwaukee Coke and Gas Company,

Milwaukee, Wis.
Cooperation. 50c; single numbers 5c.

Co-operative League of America, 2 W. 13th st, N.Y.

Formerly Co-operative Consumer.
Cornell Civil Engineer. $2 a year. Association

of Civil Engineers of Cornell University,

Ithaca, N.Y.
Corporation J. Corporation Journal. Corpora-

tion Trust Company, 37 Wall st, N.Y. Country Gentleman. $1; single numbers 5c.

Curtis Publishing Company, Independence sq.,

Courier-News. 5c a copy. Fargo, N.D.
Credit Men's J. Credit Men's Journal. $2; single

numbers 20c. Canadian Credit Men's Trust

Association, Ltd., Winnipeg, Man.
Crusader. 50c; single numbers 50. Wisconsin

Anti-tuberculosis Association, University Ex

tension bldg., Milwaukee Current Affairs (Boston). $1; single numbers

5c. Boston Chamber of Commerce, 177 Milk

st Current History. Current History Magazine of

the New York Times. $3; single numbers 25c. New York Times Company, Times Sq., N.Y.

Key to Periodical References—Continued

Cur Opinion. Current Opinion. $3; single num

bers 25c. Current Literature Publishing Com

pany, 65 W. 36th st, N.Y. Dallas Survey: a Journal of Social Work. Civic

Federation of Dallas, 130642 Commerce st,

Dallas, Tex. Delaware Corporations. Secretary of State,

Dover Dental Register. $2; single numbers 25c. Sam'l

A. Crocker Company, Conrad bldg., 18 W. 7th

st, Cincinnati, O. Des Moines. 50c a year.

Chamber of Commerce, 8th and Walnut sts, Des Moines, Ia. Detroiter. 50c a year; $1 a year to non-mem

bers. Detroit Board of Commerce, Detroit,

Mich. Dial. $3; single numbers 10c. Dial Publishing

Company, 152 W. 13th st, N.Y. District of Columbia Pub Lib Monthly Bul.

Monthly Bulletin of the Public Library of the

District of Columbia. Washington Docket. West Publishing Company, St Paul,

Minn. Dominion Law Repts. Dominion Law Reports.

Single numbers $2.50. Canada Law Book

Company, Ltd., 84 Bay st, Toronto, Can. Drama League Monthly. $1 a year for mem

bership. Drama League of America, 306

Riggs bldg., Washington, D.C. Du Pont M. Du Pont Magazine. 50c a year.

E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company,

Wilmington, Del. Econ J. Economic Journal. Annual subscrip

tion, together with other occasional publications. $5; to libraries, $4.50. Royal Economic Society, 9 Adelphi Terrace, London, W. C.; single numbers 5s net. Society or Macmillan

& Co., Ltd., St Martin's st, London, W. C. Econ World. Economic World. $4.50; single

numbers 25c; Chronicle Company, Ltd., 128

Water st, N.Y. Edinburgh R. Edinburgh Review. $1.50: single

numbers $1.50. Leonard Scott Publication

Company, 219 W. 13th st, N.Y. Educ Film M. Educational Film Magazine.

Published monthly. $1; single numbers 15c. 33

W. 42d st, N.Y. Educ N Bul (New Mexico). Educational News

Bulletin. Department of Education, Santa

Fe, N,M. Educ N Bul. Educational News Bulletin. Wis

consin State Department of Education, Madi

son Educ R. Educational Review. $3; single num

bers 350. Educational Review Publishing

Company, Columbia University, New York Effective Citizen Co-operation Bul. Effective

Citizen Co-operation Bulletin. Bureau of

Municipal Research, Toronto, Can. Effective Citizenship. 600 a year. 'City Club of

Los Angeles, 816 Security bldg., Los Angeles,

Cal. Elec Ry J. Electric Railway Journal. $4; single

numbers 15c. McGraw-Hill Company, Inc.,

10th av at 36th st, N.Y. Elec R. Electrical Review. $5: single numbers

15c. Electrical Review Publishing Company,

515 Monadnock blk., Chicago Elec W. Electrical World. $5; single numbers

15c. McGraw-Hill Company, Inc., 10th av at

36th st, N.Y. Emergency Fleet N. Emergency Fleet News.

$2.50; single numbers 5c. United States Shipping Board, Emergency Fleet Corporation, Washington, D.C. Empire State Forest Products Assn Bul. Em

pire State Forest Products Association Bulle

tin. Room 312, Journal bldg., Albany, N.Y. Emporian. Emporia Chamber of Commerce,

Emporia, Kan. Eng & Min J. Engineering and Mining Journal.

$5; single numbers 20c. McGraw-Hill Com

pany, Inc., 10th av at 36th st, N.Y. Eng Soc W Pa Proc. Proceedings of the En

gineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania. $5; single numbers 50c. 568 Union Arcade bldg.,

Pittsburgh Equitable Pub Bul. Equitable Public Bulletin.

Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, 120 Broadway, N.Y.

Equity. 50c; single numbers 15c. C: F. Taylor,

ed., 1520 Chestnut st, Philadelphia Eugenical N. Eugenical News. 50c a year.

Eugenics Record office, 41 N. Queen st, Lancaster, Pa., and Cold Spring Harbor, Long

Island, N.Y. Events. Kansas City Chamber of Commerce,

Peoples' National Bank bldg., Kansas City,

Kan. Everybody's. Everybody's Magazine. $1.50;

single numbers 20c. Ridgeway Company, Spring & Macdougal sts, N.Y. Experimental Schools Bul. Experimental

Schools Bulletin. single numbers 10c. Bureau

of Educational Experiments, 70 5th av, N.Y. Extension Monitor. University


Oregon, Eugene Factory. $3; single numbers 25c. A. W. Shaw

Company, 461 4th av, N.Y. Far Eastern Bur Bul. Far Eastern Bureau

Bulletin. 13 Astor Place, N.Y. Farm Questions and Answers. Missouri State

Board of Agriculture, Jefferson City, Mo. Federal Reserve Bul. Federal Reserve Bulle

tin. $2; single numbers 20c; free to member banks. Federal Reserve Board, Washington,

D.C. Filing. $2; single numbers 20c. Filing Incor

porated, 320 Broadway, N.Y. Financial World. $5; single numbers 15c.

Guenther Publishing Company, 29 Broadway,

N.Y. Fireman's Herald. Fireman's Herald. $2: single

numbers 10c. Frank K. Kauffman, 225 5th av,

N.Y. Florence. Chamber of Commerce, Florence,

Ala. Flying. $3; single numbers 25c. Flying Asso

ciation, Inc., 280 Madison av, N.Y. Fla Health Notes. Florida Health Notes. State

Board of Health, Tampa Food Surveys. Published monthly by the

United States Bureau of Markets, Room 229,

Homer bldg., Washington, D.C. Foods and Markets. Department of Farms and

Markets, Division of Foods and Markets, Allany, N.Y. Fort Wayne Life. Chamber of Commerce of

Fort Wayne, Indiana Fortn. Fortnightly Review. $5; single numbers Le

Scott Publication Company, 249 W. 13th st, N.Y. Forum. $3; single numbers 25c. Forum Pub

lishing Company, 118 E. 28th st, N.Y. Forward. $1 a year. 120 Boylston st, Boston Free City, $1; single numbers 10c. Free City

Publishing Company, 21 E. 14th st. N.Y. Gaelic American. $2; single numbers 50. Gaelic

American Publishing Company, 165 William

st, N.Y. Gas Age. $3; single numbers 20c. Progressive

Age Publishing Company, 52 Vanderbilt av, N.Y.

Formerly Progressive Age. Gateway. Single numbers 20c. Gateway Pub

lishing Company, Detroit, Mich. Geographical R. Geographical Review.

single numbers 50c. American Geographical

Society, 156th st & Broadway, N.Y. Good Government. $1; single numbers 10c. Na

tional Civil Service Reform League, 79 Wall

st. N.Y. Greater N Y. Greater New York. Merchants Association, Woolworth bldg., 233 Broadway,

N.Y. Greater Quincy. 50c; single numbers 5c.

Chamber of Commerce of Quincy, Ill. Greater Trenton. Chamber of Commerce,

Trenton, N.J. Guaranty N. Guaranty News. Guaranty Trust

Company of New York, 140 Broadway, N.Y. Harlem M. Harlem Magazine. Official publi

cation of the Harlem Board of Commerce. $1; single numbers 10c. Commerce Publications

Company, 290 Lenox av, N.Y. Harrisburg. Harrisburg Chamber of Com

merce, Harrisburg, Pa. Hary Law R. Harvard Law Review. $2.50;

single numbers 35c. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass.

$5; Health N. Health News. Monthly Bulletin New

Key to Periodical References Continued

York State Department of Health. Albany,

N.Y. Helen S. Trounstine Found Studies. Studies

from the Helen S. Trounstine Foundation.

variously priced. Neave bldg., Cincinnati, O. Highway Engineer and Contractor. $2 a year.

International Trade Press, Inc., 53 W. Jackson

blvd., Chicago Home Mission Monthly. 50c; single numbers 5c.

Woman's Board of Home Missions of the Presbyterian Church in America, 156 5th av,

N.Y. Hospital Social Service Q. Hospital Social Ser

vice Quarterly. $1.50; single numbers 50c. Hospital Social Service Association of New

York, 405 Lexington av Hub. Chamber of Commerce, 502 Carter bldg.,

Jackson, Mich. Ill Health N. Illinois Health News. Official

Monthly Bulletin of the State Board of Health, Springtield, ill. Illum Eng Soc Transac. Transactions of the

Illuminating Engineering Society. $5; single

numbers 75c. 29 W. 39th st, N.Y. Ind. Independent. $4; single numbers 10c. 119

W. 40th st, N.Y. Indiana Bul Charities and Correction. Indiana

Bulletin of Charities and Correction. Published quarterly by the Board of State Charities of Indiana, Room 93, State House, In

dianapolis Indianapolis Chamber Commerce Activities. 50c

a year. Indianapolis, Ind. Ind Lenders N. Industrial Lenders News. $1;

single numbers 10c. American Industrial Licensed Lenders Association, 204 Chestnut st, Harrisburg. Pa.

Formerly Loan Gazette. Ind Management. Industrial Management. $3;

single numbers 35c, Industrial Management,

6 E. 39th st, N.Y. Ind N Survey. Industrial News Survey. $2 a

year. National Industrial Conference Board,

Boston Industry. $2; single numbers 10c. H: H. Lewis,

Wilkins bldg., Washington, D.C. Industry (Boston). Associated Industries of

Massachusetts, 1034 Kimball bldg., Boston Inland Printer. $3; single numbers 30c. 632

Sherman st, Chicago Inst Q. Institution Quarterly; an official or

gan of the Public Charity Service of Illinois.

A. L. Bowen, Springfield, Ill. Insurance Soc of N Y N Letter. News Letter.

Insurance Society of New York, 84 William

st Inter- America. $1.50

for both English and Spanish numbers; 90C for either English or Spanish; single numbers of either issue 15c. Director of Inter-America, 407 W. 117th St,

N.Y. Intercol Community Service Q. Intercollegiate

Community Service Quarterly. 15c a year including membership dues of the Association, Intercollegiate Community Service AS

sociation, 2802 North Park av, Philadelphia Intercol Socialist. Intercollegiate Socialist. 50c;

single numbers 15c. Intercollegiate Socialist

Society, 70 5th av, N.Y. Intercol Statesman. Intercollegiate Statesman.

50c a year. H. S. Warner, ed., 189 W. Madison

st, Chicago Int Conciliation. International Conciliation.

American Association for International Con

ciliation, Substation 84, 407 W. 117th st, N.Y. Internat Forum Assn Bul. Bulletin of the In

ternational Forum Association. E. F. Adams,

ed., 12 W. 11th st, N.Y. Int J Ethics. International Journal of Ethics.

$2.50; single numbers 65c. James H. Tufts,

University of Chicago Investors'. Investors' Protective Association

of America, Equitable bldg., Boston Iowa and War. $1; single numbers 10c. Iowa

Historical Society, Iowa City Ia House J. Iowa State House Journal. Secre

tary of State

Ia J History and Pol. Iowa Journal of History

and Politics. $2; single numbers 50c. State

Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City Ia Law Bul. Iowa Law Bulletin. State Uni

versity of Iowa, Iowa City Ia State Highway Comm Service Bul. Iowa

State Highway Commission Service Bulletin.

Iowa State Highway Commission, Ames Ia State Institutions Bul. Bulletin of State In

stitutions. Board of Control of State Institu

tions, Des Moines, Ia. Italy To-day. Italian Bureau of Public In

formation in the United States, 501 5th av,

N.Y. Japanese-Am Commercial Weekly. JapaneseAmerican Commercial Weekly $2 a year.

Tsutomu Shimakawa, 414 8th av, N.Y. Jewish Advocate. $3; single numbers 7c. Jew

ish Advocate Publishing Company, 258 Wash

ington st, Boston Jewish Charities. $1 a year. National Confer

ence of Jewish Charities, 114 5th av, N.Y. Jewish Deaf. $1 a year.

Jewish Deaf Welfare Publishing Company, Inc., 40 W. 115th

st, N.Y. Jewish Immigration Bul. Jewish Immigration

Bulletin. 50c; single numbers 5c. Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society of

America, 229-231 East Broadway, N.Y. Jewish Social Service. $1 a year.

National Conference of Jewish Social Service, 114 5th av,

N.Y. Jewish Teacher. 25c a copy. Jewish Teachers'

Association of New York, 114 5th av, N.Y. J Accountancy. Journal of Accountancy. $3;

single numbers 30c. Ronald Press Company,

20 Vesey st, N.Y. J Crim Law. Journal of the American Insti

tute of Criminal Law and Criminology. $3; single numbers 75c. Northwestern University

Press, 31 W. Lake st, Chicago J Delinquency. Journal of Delinquency. $1.25;

single numbers 30c. Whittier State School,

Department of Research, Whittier, Cal. J Forestry. Journal of Forestry; official organ

of the Society of American Foresters. $3; single numbers 50c. 930 F st, N.W., Washing

ton, D.C. J Home Econ. Journal of Home Economics. $2;

single numbers 25c. American Home Eco

nomics Association, Baltimore J Ind & Eng Chem. Journal of Industrial and

Engineering Chemistry. $6; single numbers

600. American Chemical Society, Easton, Pa J Pol Econ. Journal of Political Economy. $3;

single numbers 35c. University of Chicago

Press, Chicago J Psycho-Asthenics. Journal of Psycho

Asthenics. $1; single numbers 30c. Published under the auspices of the American Association for the Study of the Feeble-minded. F. Kuhlmann, Director of Research, Faribault,

Minn. Juvenile Court Rec. Juvenile Court Record. $1; single numbers 10c. Children's Charities, Inc.,

1006 Hearst bldg., Chicago Kansas Citian, 50c a year. amber of Com

merce, Kansas City, Mo. Kan Highways. Kansas Highways. Kansas

Highway Commission, Topeka Kan Munic. Kansas Municipalities. $2; single

numbers 25c. Official organ of the League of

Kansas Municipalities, Lawrence Ky Bankers Assn Bul. Kentucky Bankers As

sociation Bulletin. J. C. Cardwell, sec., 723

Paul Jones bldg., Louisville
Ky Med J. Kentucky Medical Journal.

$2 a year. Kentucky State Medical Association,

Corner State and 12th sts, Bowling Green Knowledge. 10c a copy. Dando Company, 533

N. 11th st, Philadelphia Labor Laws in War Time. American Associa

tion for Labor Legislation, 131 E. 23d st, N.Y. Labor Market Bul. Labor Market Bulletin.

Bureau of Statistics and Information of the New York State Industrial Commission, Albany

Key to Periodical References Continued

Ladies' Home J. Ladies' Home Journal. $1.50;

single numbers 15c. Independence sq., Phila

delphia Lamp. Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), 26

Broadway, N.Y. Law and Labor. Published by the League for

Industrial Rights, 135 Broadway, N.Y. Law Lib J. Index to Legal Periodicals and

Law Library Journal. $12. H. W. Wilson

Company, 958-964 University av, N.Y. Law Notes. $1.50 a year. Edward Thompson

Company, Northport, Long Island, N.Y. League Bul. League Bulletin. $1 a year. League

to enforce Peace, 70 5th av, N.Y. League for Preventive Work. Q. League for

Preventive Work Quarterly. 46 Cornhill,

League of Nations.

250 a

year; $1 for five years. World Peace Foundation, 40 Mt Ver

non st, Boston League of Nations J. League of Nations Jour

nal. Single numbers 6d. 22 Buckingham Gate,

London, S.W.I. Legal Aid R. Legal Aid Review. Legal Aid

Society, 239 Broadway, N.Y. Leg Index (N.J.). Legislative Index. Pub

lished weekly during the session of the Legislature by the Bureau of State Research of the New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce, Clinton bldg., Newark Lib Assn Rec. Library Association Record.

*24s; single numbers 6s. Library Association,

Caxton Hall, Westminster, S. W., London Lib J. Library Journal. $4; single num

bers 35c. R. R. Bowker Company, 241 W. 37th

st, N.Y. Lib N. Library News. Engineer School Li

brary, Washington, D.C. Lib Occurrent. Library Occurrent. Public Li

brary Commission of Indiana, Indianapolis Lib Poster. Library Poster. Public Library,

Seattle, Wash. Lit Digest. Literary Digest. $3; single num

bers 10c. Funk & Wagnalls Company, 354 4th

av, N.Y. Liv Age. Living Age. $6; single numbers 15c.

Living Age Company. 6 Beacon st, Boston Lockport Leader. Lockport Board of Com

merce, Lockport, N.Y. Loyola N. Loyola News. Loyola University,

1076 W. 12th st, Chicago Me Charities and Corrections Q Bul. Maine

Charities and Corrections Quarterly Bulletin. State Board of Charities and Corrections,

Augusta Me Leg Rec. Legislative Record of the 79th

Legislature, 1919. Augusta Me Lib Bul. Maine Library Bulletin. Pub

lished quarterly in the interest of the libraries of the state by the Maine Library

Commission, Augusta Me Med Assn J. Journal of the Maine Medical

Association. Bangor Me State School Bul. Maine State School Bul

letin. State Superintendent of Public Schools,

Augusta Manitoba Pub Service Bul. Manitoba Public

Service Bulletin. Office of the Publicity Commissioner, Parliament bldg., Winnipeg Manufacturers Rec. Manufacturers Record.

$6.50; single numbers 15c. Manufacturers Record Publishing Company, Baltimore, Md. Md State Col J. State College Journal. Ex

tension Service, Maryland State College and United States Department of Agriculture co

operating, College Park, Md. Mass Common Mental Diseases Bul. Massa

chusetts Commission on Mental Diseases

Bulletin. Boston Mass Soc for Social Hygiene Bul. Massachu

setts Society for Social Hygiene Bulletin. 50

Beacon st, Boston Med Rec. Medical Record. $5; single numbers

15c. William Wood and Company, 51 5th av,

N.Y. Memphis Chamber Commerce J. Memphis

Chamber of Commerce Journal. $1; single numbers 10c. Memphis, Tenn.

Mental Hygiene. Quarterly Magazine of the

National Committee for Mental Hygiene. $2;

single numbers 50c. 50 Union sq., N.Y. Metal Worker. Metal Worker, Plumber &

Steam Fitter. $3; single numbers 10c. Architectural & Building Press, Inc., 243 W. 39th

st, N.Y. Mich Lib Bul. Michigan Library Bulletin.

Michigan State Board of Library Commis

sioners and Michigan State Library, Lansing Milk N. Milk News; official organ of the Milk

Producers' Association. 750 a year; $1.50 for

3 years. 29 S. La Salle st, Chicago Mining and Oil Bul. Mining and Oil Bulletin.

$1.50; single numbers 15c. Chamber of Mines

and Oil, Los Angeles, Cal. Mining Cong J. Mining Congress Journal. $2;

single numbers 20c. American Mining Congress, Munsey bldg., Washington, D.C. Minneapolis Civic & Commerce Assn Members

Bul. Minneapolis Civic & Commerce Associa

tion Members Bulletin. Minneapolis, Minn. Minneapolis Pub Lib Business Bul. Business

Bulletin of the Minneapolis Public Library, Business and Municipal Branch, 508 2d av S. Minn Munic. Minnesota Municipalities. De

voted to municipal progress in Minnesota. $1.25; single numbers 25c. League of Minnesota Municipalities, Richard R. Price, sec.treas. General Extension Division, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Miss Banker. Mississippi Banker.

$1 a year. Mississippi Bankers Association, Jackson Mo State Med Assn J. Missouri State Medical

Association Journal. $2; single numbers 20c.

St Louis Modern City. $3; single numbers 350. Modern

City Publishing Company, 43 Franklin bldg.,

Baltimore, Md. Modern Hospital. $3; single numbers 35c. Mod

ern Hospital Publishing Company, Inc., 58 E.

Washington st, Chicago Modern Medicine. $3; single numbers 25c.

Modern Hospital Publishing Company, 58 E.

Washington st, Chicago Monad. $1; single numbers 10c. Kable Bros.

Company, Mount Morris, IN. Monthly Labor R. Monthly Labor Review.

United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, D.C. Munic League Bul. Municipal League Bulletin.

Annual dues $12 including subscription to Bulletin. 50c a year to non-members. 429-433 Merchants National Bank bldg., 6th and

Spring sts, Los Angeles, Cal. Munic Ref Lib Notes. Municipal Reference Li

brary Notes. $1.50; single numbers 5c. Municipal Reference Library, Room 512, Municipal bldg., N.Y. Munic Research. Municipal Research. $5; sin

gle numbers variously priced. Issued monthly by the Bureau of Municipal Research, 261

Broadway, N.Y. Municipality; official publication of the League

of Wisconsin Municipalities. $1; single num

bers 15c. Madison Munsey's M. Munsey's Magazine. $1; single

numbers 150. Frank A. Munsey Company, 8

W. 4th st, N.Y. Nation. $4; single numbers 10c. 20 Vesey st,

N.Y. Nat Assn Credit Men's Bul. Bulletin of the

National Association of Credit Men. $1 a year, 41 Park Row, N.Y. Nat Assn of Distillers and Wholesale Dealers

Clip Sheet. National Association of Distillers and Wholesale Dealers, 31 United Bank

bldg., Cincinnati, O. N AR DJ. National Association of Retail

Druggists Journal, $2; single numbers 10c. 168 N. Michigan blyd, Chicago Nat Catholic War Council Bul. National Cath

olic War Council Bulletin. 1312 Massachu

setts av, N.W., Washington, D.C. Nat Civic Fed R. National Civic Federation

Review. $2 a year. 1 Madison av, N.Y. Nat Dental Assn J. Journal of the National

Dental Association. $2; single numbers 20c. 127 N. Dearborn st, Chicago

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