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G.P. Putnam, 1852

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Page 201 - I then filled a good many bladders therewith, and might have filled an inconceivable number more, for the spirit continued to rise for several hours, and filled the bladders almost as fast as a man could have blown them with his mouth : and yet the quantity of coals distilled was inconsiderable.
Page 216 - ... doubt whether any change in the oxidation of the metal will explain the photogenic effect A series of chromatic changes of a similar character were observed with the oxides of copper, the colours being in like manner regulated by the heat to which the glass was exposed. It was found that silver, although with less intensity, exhibited the same phenomena ; and gold, although usually employed for the purpose of imparting varieties of red, was found by varying degrees of heating at a high temperature,...
Page 296 - ... square table diamond. To convert it into a brilliant, two triangular facets are placed on each side of the table, thus changing it from a square to an octagon ; a lozenge-shaped facet is also placed at each of the four corners of the table, and another lozenge extending lengthwise along the whole of each side of the original square of the table, which with two triangular facets set on the base of each lozenge, completes the whole number of facets on the table side of the diamond ; viz. 8 lozenges,...
Page 71 - It consisted of two large boxes, or half-ships, built in such a manner that they could be applied on each side of the hull of a large vessel. On the deck of each part of the camel a number of horizontal windlasses were placed, from which ropes proceeded...
Page 15 - If a range of hills, or a valley, be composed of strata, which on the two sides dip in opposite directions, the imaginary line that lies between them, towards which the strata on each side rise, is called the anticlinal axis. In a row of houses with steep roofs facing the south, the slates represent inclined strata dipping north and south, and the ridge is an east and west anticlinal axis.
Page 321 - Cutler, for an improved method of transferring vessels from a higher to a lower level, or from a lower to a higher level, on canals, and also for the more conveniently raising or lowering of weights, carriages, or goods, on railroads, and for other purposes.
Page 330 - ... number of geographical miles, as a half or quarter minute is to an hour of time, is wound about a reel. The whole is employed to measure the ship's head-way in the following manner: The reel being held by one man, and the half-minute glass by another, the mate of the watch fixes the...
Page 260 - The hatching-house was built at the side of the cottage, and was a kind of long shed with mud walls, and thickly thatched with straw. Along -the ends and down one side of the building are a number of round straw baskets, well plastered with mud to prevent them from taking fire. In the bottom of each basket there is a tile placed, or rather the tile forms the bottom of the basket; upon this the fire acts,—a small fire-place being below each basket.
Page 309 - ... and the thickness of this casing of cork being four inches, it projects at the top a little without the gunwale. The cork on the outside is secured with thin plates or slips of copper, and the boat is fastened with copper nails. The thwarts, or seats, are five in number, double banked, consequently the boat may be rowed with ten oars.
Page 539 - As soon as he has reached the termination of the walk, a second spinner takes the yarn off the whirl, and gives it to another person to put upon a reel, while he himself attaches his own hemp to the whirl hook, and proceeds down the walk. When the person at the reel begins to turn, the first spinner, who has completed his yarn, holds it firmly at the end, and advances slowly up the walk, while the reel is turning...

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