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Pg 87 has the quote which contradicts the claims made even at as of 2010/04/21 that no such letter referring to the "Verjudung" has been found.
The letter was referenced by Jaspers
in his letter to Heidegger - as a letter which Jaspers had himself read.
This is valuable in that a great amount of energy is wasted on whether Heidegger was a Nazi or an anti-semite - as if clearing him of those charges would remove hos extreme language-based ethno-mania for the German Volk and ther German language.
In his lectures and essays he constantly referred to "heute" - today - where we Germans find ourselves today - he was through-and-through political in a very primitive sense: he was never active in a "polis" but had a visionary faith that the German Volk would rise again.
Where he was a racist was in connection with all things slavic - asiatic -- which did not extend to the Japanese (he lamented not having accepted a lucrative post in Tokyo).
It his necessary to grasp his utter lack of moral character - which he constantly affirms in writing as his preference for "ethos" over liberal values, laws, treaties and constitutions.
Pg 87 has done service in providing the quote; the letter in full is in print.

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