Cyclopedia of Universal Geography: Being a Gazetteer of the World, Based on the Latest Censuses, and Other Authentic Sources of Information

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A.S. Barnes & Company, 1854 - Geography - 856 pages
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Page 78 - P. 9,106. It has a venerable cathedral, in which is preserved the celeb, tapestry of Bayeux, said to be the work of Matilda, wife of William the Conqueror, A representing his exploits in the conquest of Engl.
Page 162 - E. Length, 550 m.; av. br., 250 m. Area estim. at 1 10,000 sq. in. P. 179.709, mostly Africans, Dutch, Negroes, A a small number of Hottentots. The country is formed of a series of terraces rising in successive stages from S. to N. The chief mntn. chains are the Drankensteen, Zwellendam, Zwartenberg, & SneeuwBergen, in which last is the Spitzkop, the culminating point of the whole, estimated at 10,250 ft.
Page 105 - Guise was assassinated. There is here an anc. aqueduct cut in the rock by the Romans. The magnificent dykes for the protection of the valleys from the encroachments of the Loire, one of the most remarkable works of the kind in Europe, commence at Blois. BLOKULLA, a small rocky isl. in the Baltic, between Oeland & the mainland of Sweden. BLOKZYL, a marit.
Page 335 - I had formed from the previous description. Goa is properly a city of Churches; and the wealth of provinces seems to have been expended in their erection. The ancient specimens of architecture at this place far excel any thing that has been attempted in modern times in any other part of the East, both in grandeur and in taste.
Page 331 - Ulster, co. Antrim, to the W. of Bengore Head. The "causeway," is a platform projecting into the sea, from the base of a stratified cliff, about 400 feet in height, & resembles a pier 700 ft. in length, 350 ft. in breadth, & varying to 30 ft. in height above the strand. GIANT'S MOUNTAIN, Asia-Minor, on the E. shore of the Bosphorus. GIARRATANA, a vill. of Sicily, intend. Syracuse. P. 2,440.
Page 389 - India, at one time considerable, also yielded to the superior enterprise of the British, and finally the French relinquished the field. In 1625, the first English settlement was made by a company of merchants in a small spot of the Coromandel coast, of five square miles, transferred in 1653 to Madras. A short time previous a settlement had also been obtained at Hooghly, which afterward became the Calcutta station. In 1687, Bombay was erected into a presidency. In 1773, by act of the British Legislature,...
Page 7 - Nugro races on the SW, A in the interior ; the Moors on the N. ; the Caucasian races in Abyssinia, A the Copts of Egypt.
Page 457 - Dissenters' chapels, 22 foreign chapels, 250 public schools, 1.500 private schools, 150 hospitals, 156 almshouses, besides 205 other institutions, 550 public offices, 14 prisons, 22 theatres, 24 markets. London docks cover 20 acres ; 14 tobacco warehouses, 14 acres ; & the wine cellars, 8 acres, containing 22,000 pipes.
Page 344 - E. by the !•>,•>'" sea, which separates it from Asia. It is composed of a continental portion, divided into three parts : — 1, Hellas on the N. (the former Turkish prov. of Livadia) ; A 2, the Morea on the S.
Page 162 - A difficult mntn. gorges ; some of these have been made passable for wheeled carriages, but the roads in general are very bad. The principal bays are St. Helena, Table, False, St.

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