Special Agents Series, Issue 193

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1920 - Commerce

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Page 30 - Even upon the evidence already given, the present system of ownership and working in the coal industry stands condemned, and some other system must be substituted for it, either nationalization or a method of unification by national purchase and/or by joint control.
Page 30 - We are prepared however to report now that it is in the interests of the country that the colliery worker shall in the future have an effective voice in the direction of the mine. For a generation the colliery worker has been educated socially and technically. The result is a great national asset. Why not use it ? XVI.
Page 41 - much impressed ... by the very large number of relatively small firms that exist — each with a separate organization, separate establishment charges, separate buying and selling arrangements, and each producing a multiplicity of articles. Some of them seemed to take a special pride in the number of things they turned out.
Page 31 - The contracts of employment of workmen shall embody an undertaking to be framed by the District Mining Council to the effect that no workman will, in consequence of any...
Page 78 - We are satisfied that Trade Associations and Combines are rapidly increasing in this country, and may, within no distant period, exercise a paramount control over all important branches of British Trade.
Page 78 - Associations before us that one of the beneficial results of the formation of Associations sufficiently powerful to control and maintain prices in the Home market was that it enabled British manufacturers to extend their output by selling their products at a lower price, or even at a loss, in foreign markets.
Page 80 - To express the same idea in another way — the business of the Ministry is to be acquainted with all proposals for dealing with post-war problems which are under consideration by government departments or committees, or put forward by responsible bodies or persons, to study them in their bearings upon each other, to initiate proposals for dealing with matters which are not already covered and out of all this material to build up in consultation with the other Departments for submission to the Cabinet,...
Page 20 - ... the districts into which the country is to be divided. "3. The sites so chosen should be as large as possible, having in view the land available in suitable localities, and should have ample water and transport facilities. Land is required, not only for the power stations themselves — which for the sake of security and safety would have to be suitably subdivided, that is they would not be contained all in one building — but for the processes involved in the extraction of by-products from...
Page 78 - We consider that it is desirable that means should be provided whereby the fullest information as to the activities of trade associations may be made available to the public, and complaints may be promptly and thoroughly investigated, so that doubts and suspicions may be dispelled ; or, on the other hand, the true facts ascertained as to evils for which a remedy is required. We believe that it will be found necessary ultimately to establish further machinery for promptly and effectively dealing with...
Page 15 - In our opinion it is vital that the Empire should, so far as possible, 'be placed in a position which would enable it to resist any pressure which a foreign Power, or group of Powers, could exercise in time of peace or during war in virtue of a control of raw materials and commodities essential for the safety and well-being of the Empire, and it is towards the attainment of this object that co-ordinated effort should be directed.

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