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that their desire to control the Bagdad Railway was a greater incentive to wage war than other motives, such as the ambition to secure the domination of the German people in the Balkans and Central Europe, is to be doubted, especially, when one recalls that in June, 1914, agreements had been initialled between Great Britain, Germany, France and Russia, which not only assured to the Germans permanent control of the Bagdad highway to the Persian Gulf, but also gave to them the lion's share of the future economic and commercial development of the central and richest portion of Asia Minor.

There is a certain looseness of terms in this volume and in other recent works on the Near East, which is probably due to the fact that earlier European writers always referred to Asia Minor and adjacent countries as the "Orient" or "East." Since the "Far East” has acquired a distinct individuality of its own, the time has now come to make a careful distinction in the different parts of the East. Writers and students of Asia and Asiatic affairs, as well as European statesmen, now recognize three chief regions on the great Eastern continent: the Near East, the Middle East, and the Far East. And it is imperative that those who wish to speak intelligently on questions relating to this part of the world should observe carefully this distinction.

The usefulness of the present work would have been improved if it had been provided with an index and a bibliography; but there are eight pages of excellent notes. An additional map, showing more clearly the strategic position of Asia Minor in relation to Europe and Asia, would have been a material asset also.


Guide to the Law and Legal Literature of Argentina, Brazil, and

Chile. By Edwin M. Borchard. Washington: Government
Printing Office. 1917. pp. 523. $1.00.

This book not merely fills one of the most pronounced gaps in English of matters relating to South America, but is also a very distinct contribution to the general literature on the subject which it treats. It is well written in a pleasant, easy style, and could be used to advantage as a text-book in our colleges, where so much instruction is now being given on Latin-America. A particularly valuable feature of the work are the statements comparing the legislation in the three republics. It is to be hoped that Dr. Borchard will, at some future time, publish a more extended treatise on this particular phase of the subject. The accounts of the legal history of each country are concise and clear. The book is well divided, and the author does not fall into the error so common to many writers on South America, of over-emphasizing one country. Two or three slight changes might be suggested. In the section on Argentine constitutional law, pages 119 to 120, while mention is made of the fact that “Sarmiento was largely influenced by Story's works," it would have rendered this reference more interesting to note the translation of Story's work on the constitution into Spanish, made by Dr. Nicolas A. Calvo in Buenos Aires in 1888. This translation has had a great influence in Argentina. Since Dr. Borchard's work was finished, a new compilation of Argentine legislation is now being made by Dr. David Pena. Two very minor errors are: Copiaco instead of Copiapo (page 428), and that the statement that Roque Saenz Pena was twice President of Argentina (pages 46 and 182).



(For table of abbreviations see page 839.)



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