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Alien property. Executive Order concerning certain sales to be conducted by Alien Property Custodian pursuant to Trading with the Enemy Act and amendments thereto. July 15, 1918. 1 p. (No. 2914.) State Dept.

Executive Order with respect to Orenstein-Koppel Co. June 15, 1918. 5.p. (No. 2885.) State Dept.

Proclamation taking title to and possession of property on Hudson River owned by North German Lloyd Dock Company and Hamburg-American Line Terminal and Navigation Co. June 28, 1918. 1 p. (No. 1464.) State Dept.

Alien Property Custodian. Circular of information concerning powers, etc., of. 1918. 1 p. Alien Property Custodian.

Executive Order prescribing rules and regulations respecting exercise of powers and authority and performance of duties of, under Trading with the Enemy Act and prior Executive Orders pursuant thereto, and respecting deposit and investment of moneys received by or for account of. Feb. 28, 1918. 8 p. State Dept.

Aliens. Joint Resolution authorizing readmission to United States of certain aliens who have been conscripted or have volunteered for service with military forces of United States or cobelligerent forces. Approved June 29, 1918. 1 p. (Public Resolution 34.) 5c.

Arbitration. Agreement between United States and France, extending duration of convention of Feb. 10, 1908; signed Washington, Feb. 27, 1918, proclaimed May 16, 1918. 4 p. (Treaty Series No. 631.) [English and French.) State Dept.

Agreement between United States and Norway, extending duration of convention of April 4, 1908; signed Washington, March 30, 1918, proclaimed July 12, 1918. 4 p. (Treaty Series No. 632.) [English and Norwegian.] State Dept.

Birds. Act to give effect to convention between United States and Great Britain for protection of migratory birds, concluded at Washington Aug. 16, 1916. Approved July 3, 1918. 3 p. (Public 186.) 5c.

British control of imports and exports, with lists of prohibited goods. By L. Domeratsky. June, 1918. 32 p. (Tariff Series No. 39.) Paper, 5c.

Copyright. Proclamation extending benefits of Act of March 4, 1909, concerning copyright controlling parts of instruments serving to reproduce mechanically musical works, to citizens of France. May 24, 1918. 1 p. (No. 1452.) State Dept.

Crignier, Madame. Claim of French Government on account of losses sustained by French citizen in connection with search for body of John Paul Jones, Report in relation to, with correspondence in regard to claim. 13 p. (S. doc. 231.)

Diplomatic and consular service. Information regarding appointments and promotions in. 1918. 18 p. State Dept.

Enemy Trading List (revised). Supplements Nos. 1-7, containing additions, removals and corrections, April 15, May 1, May 17, May 31, June 14, June 28, and July 12, 1918, respectively. War Trade Board.

Exports. Executive Order vesting in Attorney-General all power and authority conferred upon the President by provisions of Sec. 2 and 7 of Title 6 of Act to punish acts of interference with foreign relations, neutrality, and foreign commerce of United States, to punish espionage, and better enforce criminal laws of United States. May 31, 1918. 1 p. (No. 2874.) State Dept.

Foreign exchange. Instructions to dealers as defined under Executive Order of President of United States, dated Jan. 26, 1918.

Federal Reserve Board. Foreign sovereignties and their rulers, List of. 12th ed. June 1, 1918. 1 p. Naturalization Bureau.

Great War, 1914– Plain issues of the war. By Elihu Root. 1918. 15 p. (Loyalty Leaflets No. 5.) Public Information Committee.

International High Commission. Statements of L. S. Rowe and others relating to. 1918. 21 p. (Diplomatic and consular appropriation bill.) Foreign Affairs Committee.

Maritime law. Instructions for Navy governing maritime warfare, June, 1917. 79 p. Navy Dept.

Mexico. Address of President of United States concerning attitude of United States toward Mexico. June 7, 1918. 6 p. (S. doc. 264.)

Military service. Convention relating to military service of British subjects in United States and of citizens of United States in Great Britain and Canada : (pt. 1, Convention relating to service of citizens of United States in Great Britain and of British subjects in United States, signed Washington, June 3, 1918; pt. 2, Convention

20 p.

relating to service of citizens of United States in Canada and of Canadians in United States, signed Washington, June 3, 1918.) 7 p. State Dept.

Naturalization. Act to amend naturalization laws and to repeal certain sections of the Revised Statutes and other laws relating to naturalization. Approved May 9, 1918. 7 p. (Public 144.) 5c.

Naturalization laws and regulations, May 15, 1918. 39. p. Naturalization Bureau.

Neutrality. Diplomatic correspondence with belligerent governments relating to neutral rights and duties. 1918. (European War No. 4.) State Dept. Paper, $1.25.

Niagara River. Joint Resolution authorizing Secretary of War to issue permits for diversion of water from. Approved June 29, 1918. 1 p. (Public Resolution 33.) 5c.

Panama Canal. Executive Order authorizing Governor of The Panama Canal to exercise, within territory and waters of Panama Canal, all powers mentioned in Sec. 1, Title 2, of Espionage Act, to same extent as is conferred therein on Secretary of Treasury with regard to territorial waters of United States. May 28, 1918. 1 p. (No. 2867.) State Dept.

Executive Order superseding Executive Order of May 28, 1918. July 9, 1918. 1 p. (No. 2907.) State Dept.

Prisoners. Manual for government of United States naval prisons; General instructions relating to prisoners. 1918. 15 p. Judge Advocate General, Navy Dept.

Sailors. Memorandum for Secretary in re laws and regulations affecting seamen, especially in their relations to immigration law and rules, recently passed Espionage Act, and proposed passport law. 1918. 16 p. Immigration Bureau.

Sedition Act. Act to amend. Approved May 16, 1918. 2 p. (Public 150.) 5c.

Shipping. Act to confer on the President power to prescribe charter rates and freight rates and to requisition vessels. Approved July 18, 1918. 4 p. (Public 202.) 5c.

Shipping Board. Act to amend Act to establish Shipping Board. Approved July 15, 1918. 4 p. (Public 198.) 5c.

Trade-marks. Hearings on bill to give effect to certain provisions of convention for protection of trade-marks and commercial names, made and signed in Buenos Aires, Aug. 20, 1910. July 3 and 5, 1918. 29 p. Commerce Committee.

Trading with the enemy. Executive Order revoking power and authority vested in designated officers under Trading with the Enemy Act. April 11, 1918. 1 p. (No. 2849.) State Dept.

Extracts from Trading with the Enemy Act and Executive Order of Oct. 12, 1917, and instructions, rules, and forms concerning patents, trade-marks, prints, labels, designs, and copyrights, issued under Sec. 10 of Trading with the Enemy Act. 1918. 22 p. Federal Trade Commission.

Travelers. Act to prevent in time of war departure from or entry into United States contrary to public safety. Approved May 22, 1918. 2 p. (Public 154.) 5c.





Supreme Court of the United States.

October 14, 1918.
1. A suit may be brought in our courts against an alien enemy.

2. A party sued although an alien enemy is entitled to defend before the entry of judgment.

3. During a state of war, while communication is interrupted and intercourse with the enemy prohibited, it is impossible for an alien enemy to make proper defense.

4. In such a case no action should be taken except as may be required to preserve the security and the rights of the parties in statu quo, until by reason of the restoration of peace it may become possible for a respondent adequately to present his defense.

Mr. Justice Brandeis delivered the opinion of the Court.

On August 4, 1914, Great Britain declared war against Germany and on August 12, 1914, against Austria-Hungary. Prior to August 4, Watts, Watts & Co., Limited, a British corporation, had supplied to Unione Austriaca di Navigazione, an Austro-Hungarian corporation, bunker coal at Algiers, a dependency of the French Republic. Drafts on London given therefor having been protested for non-payment, the seller brought, on August 24, 1914, a libel in personam against the purchaser in the District Court of the United States for the Eastern District of New York. Jurisdiction was obtained by attaching one of the steamers to which the coal had been furnished. The attachment was discharged by giving a bond which is now in force. The respondent appeared and filed an answer which admitted that the case was within the admiralty jurisdiction of the court; and it was submitted for decision upon a stipulation as to facts and proof of foreign law.

The respondent contended that the District Court, as a court of a neutral nation, should not exercise its jurisdictional power between alien belligerents to require the transfer, by process of

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