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erty of the Emperor of Austria in the province of Emilia could not be seized, the Emperor not being an “enemy subject; as everybody in Austria is the Emperor's subject, he can be no

body's subject." New York Times, September 9, 1918. 9 RUSSIA. Soviet Government issued statement that French and

English diplomats will be put in the care of the Dutch Government and allowed to depart as soon as Bolshevist representative in London, M. Eitvineff, with his collaborators, is

granted safe passage. New York Times, September 10, 1918. 10 FRANCE—NORWAY AND SWEDEN. France denounced, from Sep

tember 10th, the treaty of July 13, 1902, between France, on one part, and Norway and Sweden, on the other, which provided for the temporary extension of the commercial and shipping treaty of September 10, 1881, between those countries.

London Times, September 6, 1918. 10 RUSSIA. Statement of Russian Embassy at Washington as to

government of northern Russia, of which Nicholas Tscharkov

sky is president. Text: New York Times, September 11, 1918. 11 FINLAND. Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse chosen King of

Poland. London Times, September 12, 1918. 13 PANAMA. Dr. Belisario Porras elected President of Panama. He

was president of Panama from 1912–1916, and since then

Minister at Washington. London Times, September 14, 1918. 13 SIR SAMUEL Evans, President of the British Prize Court, died.

He was President of the Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division of the High Court of England since 1910. New York

Times, September 14, 1918. 15 BELGIUM—GERMANY. German peace offer made to Belgium.

Text: New York Times, September 16, 1918. 15 FRANCE — SWITZERLAND. France has denounced Franco-Swiss

Commercial Convention of October 20, 1916, and Franco-Swiss treaty of February 23, 1882. London Times, September 16,

1918. 16 AUSTRIA. Addressed a communication and note to belligerents

and neutrals suggesting meeting for preliminary and nonbinding discussion of war aims. Texts: Current History, 9

(Pt. 1):64; Official Bulletin, No. 414. 17 UNITED STATES. American reply to Austrian peace note of Sep

tember 16, 1918. Text: Official Bulletin, No. 414.



Commercial agreement signed. Summary: New York Times, September 19, 1918. 18 UNITED STATES. Hon. John Wm. Davis, Solicitor General of the

United States, appointed American Ambassador to the Court of St. James, succeeding Hon. Walter Hines Page. New York

Times, September 19, 1918. 20 FRANCE SOUTHERN SLAVS. Echo de Paris announces that

France will recognize Southern Slavs. New York Times, April

21, 1918. 20 GERMANY–AUSTRIA. German reply to Austrian peace note.

Text: New York Times, September 21, 1918. 21 UNITED STATES-RUSSIA. United States sent telegram to Allied

and neutral governments asking if they would consider immediate action to impress upon Bolsheviki the aversion with which civilization regards their present wanton acts. New

York Times, September 22, 1918. 21 CHILE-UNITED STATES. Beltran Matheu has been appointed

Chilean Ambassador to the United States, succeeding Santiago
Aldunate Bascuman, who died in April, 1918. New York

Times, September 25, 1918. 23 BULGARIA. Reply to Austrian peace note. Summary : New York

Times, September 24, 1918. 24 BULGARIA. Official Bulgarian statement announcing that Bul

garia had initiated a proposition for securing an armistice and

peace. Text: New York Evening Post, September 28, 1918. 24-30 BULGARIA. Bulgaria asked the French Commander-in-Chief

in Macedonia for a meeting to arrange conditions of an armistice of 48 hours to permit arrival of the authorized delegates of Bulgaria to arrange eventual peace. The French commander refused to suspend operations, but offered to receive duly qualified delegates of Bulgarian Government. Text of French reply: New York Evening Post, September 28, 1918. On September 28th Great Britain replied to Bulgarian request. Text of Bulgarian official announcement dated September 24th: New York Evening Post, September 28, 1918. Allies' terms of armistice accepted by Bulgaria. Summary of terms: New York Times, October 18; armistice signed for the Allies by General Franchet d’Esperey, Allied Commander, at midnight, September 29, 1918.

25 BRAZIL-AUSTRIA. Brazilian minister to Austria closed the le

gation and left for Brazil. New York Times, September 26,

1918. 27 GERMANY. Count von Hertling, German Imperial Chancellor,

resigned. New York Times, September 28, 1918. 29 GERMANY–UNITED STATES. Germany, through Swiss legation,

sent ultimatum to United States that "reprisals will be taken" if by October 1st no satisfactory answer is forthcoming to German protest as to use of shot guns by American troops. Washington Post, September 30, 1918. Text of American re

ply of September 30: Washington Post, October 1, 1918. 30 GERMANY. Resignation of Chancellor von Hertling and Foreign

Secretary von Hintze accepted by the Emperor. Prince Maximilian of Baden appointed Imperial German Chancellor, October 3, 1918. New York Times, October 1, 1918.


International Office of Public Hygiene, Dec. 9, 1907. Accession of Greece. J. 0. March 10, 1918.


Errata. Vol. 12, p. 185.

Under the “List of Nations at War" should be added the following, omitted from the list in the Official Bulletin: 1916, September 1-Roumania vs. Bulgaria.

It is also to be noted that the statement as to San Marino is in error, no declaration of war having been issued.




Aliens' Restriction Order. Order in Council further amending the. June 4, 1918. (St. R. & 0. 1918, No. 603.) 142d.

Customs. Proclamation prohibiting the exportation of certain articles to Switzerland. June 25, 1918. (St. R. & 0. 1918, No. 764.) 3d.

Dutch convoy to the East Indies. Correspondence respecting the despatch of a. Miscellaneous No. 13 (1918). (Cd. 9028.) 3d.

Military Law, Manual of. 1914. (Reprinted 1917.) 4s.

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Prize money. Draft proclamation granting prize money to the Fleet and regulating its distribution. (Cd. 9122.) 142d.

Order in Council, April 27, 1918, under the Naval Agency and Distribution Act, 1864, regulating the shares in which prize bounty for the taking or destroying of armed enemy ships, and of the net proceeds of salvage awards, and of customs, slave trade, and pirate captures, shall be distributed. (St. R. & 0. 1918, No. 539.) 112d.

Requisitioning of Dutch ships by the Associated Governments. Correspondence with the Netherlands Government respecting the. Miscellaneous No. 11 (1918). (Cd. 9025.) 242d.

Shipping and shipbuilding industries after the war. Reports of the Departmental Committee appointed by the Board of Trade to consider the position of the. First report.—The German control sta

1 Parliamentary and Official Publications of Great Britain may be obtained, for the amount noted, from The Superintendent of Publications, H. M. Stationery Office, Imperial House, Kingsway, London, W. C. 2.

tions and the Atlantic emigrant traffic. Second report.-Shipbuilding and marine engineering. Final report. - Reconstruction of the British mercantile marine; international competition and navigation policy; German competition; general recommendations; summary. With appendices. (Cd. 9092.) 1s. 742d.

Trading with the enemy. Report by the committee appointed to advise the Board of Trade on matters arising under the Trading with the Enemy Amendment Act, 1916. (Cd. 9059.) 142d.

Trading with the Enemy (Statutory List) Proclamation, together with the consolidated statutory list of persons and firms in countries, other than enemy countries, with whom persons and firms in the United Kingdom are prohibited from trading. With notes for British merchants engaged in foreign trade. Complete to May 31, 1918. No. 56a. 842d.

Treatment by the Netherlands Government of belligerent merchant vessels whose status has been changed as the result of an act

Correspondence. Part I.–Cases of the steamships Maria and Huntstrick. Part II.-German ships at Antwerp at the outbreak of war. Miscellaneous No. 12 (1918). (Cd. 9026.) 542d.


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Alien enemies. Certain citizens or subjects of Germany or Austria-Hungary included as “enemies" for purposes of Trading with the Enemy Act, reports required as to their property. Proclamation, May 31, 1918. 2 p. (No. 1454.) State Dept.

Proclamation extending regulations prescribing conduct of alien enemies to women. April 19, 1918. 2 p. (No. 1443.) State Dept.

Registration of German alien females, General rules and regulations prescribed by Attorney General under' authority of proclamation of President of United States, dated April 19, 1918. 48 p. Justice Dept.

Alien property. Executive orders authorizing private sales of: Nos. 2843-2847, April 24, 1918; Nog. 2857-2858, May 7, 1918. State Dept.

2 Where prices are given, the document in question may be obtained for the amount noted, from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.

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