Hand-book of universal geography being a Gnietteer of the world, based on the census of the united states, england and france for 1851

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Page 162 - E. Length, 550 m.; av. br., 250 m. Area estim. at 110,000 sq.m. P. 179,709, mostly Africans, Dutch, Negroes, & a small number of Hottentots. The country is formed of a series of terraces rising in successive stages from S. to N. The chief mntn. chains are the Drankensteen, Zwellendam, Zwartenberg, & SneeuwBergen, in which last is the Spitzkop, the culminating point of the whole, estimated at 10,250 ft.
Page 105 - Guise was assassinated. There is here an anc. aqueduct cut in the rock by the Romans. The magnificent dykes for the protection of the valleys from the encroachments of the Loire, one of the most remarkable works of the kind in Europe, commence at Blois. BLOKULLA, a small rocky isl. in the Baltic, between Oeland & the mainland of Sweden. BLOKZYL, a marit.
Page 389 - India, at one time considerable, also yielded to the superior enterprise of the British, and finally the French relinquished the field. In 1625, the first English settlement was made by a company of merchants in a small spot of the Coromandel coast, of five square miles, transferred in 1653 to Madras. A short time previous a settlement had also been obtained at Hooghly, which afterward became the Calcutta station. In 1687, Bombay was erected into a presidency. In 1773, by act of the British Legislature,...
Page 368 - E. Area, 30,300 ac. P. (1837), 4,977. It is of volcanic origin, & consists of rugged mountains, interspersed with numerous ravines. St. Helena is chiefly noted as the place of exile of Napoleon Bonaparte. — Port St. Helena, E. Patagonia, is an inlet, intermediate between the gulfs of St. George & San Matias.
Page 390 - W., & enclosed by the countries of Asia on the N. It communicates with the China sea by the strait of Malacca, Sunda strait, & the strait of Flores. The monsoons, or periodical winds, prevail in the N. part of the ocean, blowing from the SW between April & October, & SE from October to April.
Page 94 - It is compactly built. There is a bridge over the Lehigh 400 feet long ; a female school of a high order, conducted by the Moravians in which many highly respectable ladies of the middle states have received their education. P. 2,989. V. pt., Stark co. 0., on the Turcarawas r. P. 2,019. VI. t., Coshocton co.
Page 205 - Erie ; but low water mark is 432 feot above tide-water, and 133 feet below the level of Lake Erie. " The shore of the Ohio here forms a good landing for boats at all seasons of the year, the principal landing being paved to...
Page 277 - Barbary & the Sahara. Length, N. to S., 520 m. Area uncertain. P. 2,895,500. Cap. Cairo. The territory of Egypt is composed of a long narrow valley, enclosed by a double range of hills, which extend from Assouan to Cairo, & traversed by the Nile. There is a triangular space enclosed by two branches of the Nile, having the sea for its base, A called the Delta, from its resemblance to the Greek letter Д.
Page 166 - It is enclosed by walls of great solidity, portions of which are supposed to be as old as the time of the Visigoths. It has been celeb. since the 12th cent, for its manufs. of cloth, which are still important. Trade in agricultural produce is extensive. CARCELEN, a town of Spain, prov. Albacete. It has a school of primary instruction, a celebrated annual fair in August, & numerous Roman ruins.
Page 10 - Mexico, is low & level, in the middle hilly, & in the north broken. The soil of the state is in general excellent. The Alleghany mountains terminate in the NE section of this state, sinking here to hills. Climate in southern pa,rt unhealthy ; in the northern salubrious. Cotton is the staple production of the state.

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