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a self appointed bishop.He has no regard to the laws of God in reference to a matter .This hypocrisy exists and buying a book to put money in this Jesters pocket is a waste,
I don't tell people I
have the answer If I cant live that life without screwing a bunch of dupes as you do do well bishop and that taste is still very much in my mouth the Internet is forever the masses will know truth.Jesus truth not Mikes advice cause you need to be a lier to be real like the author
The chapter accept yourself is all you can do when you know you lie and cheat as well as every other non Bishop No the pastor was Miracle d to Bishop and I ask if my mother or father Clark would do me like that.Do the right thing next time I guess,Let US PRAY that the clergy isn't a farce and stop causing me pain I call on you and what do i Get.You have no right you have no Honor in this House
you sucked off the system Your shady charities keep food on the table.Your a bad actor as i suspect your wife is too.The fox in the henhouse.Hear this you only cheat yourself.This isn't a game this is real Bis and truth will win over the devils games so rethink your book,,,,,

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