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Doctrine deduced from 1 Sam. vii. 2, ii. 405 ; from Isa. lv. 3, ii.

297; special, of Psal. 1. 5, iv. 36.
Doctrines, several to be deduced from Psal. 1. 5, iv. 11.
Doubts to be overcome, ii. 469.
Duty, parental-provision, correction, instruction, and prayer,

iv. 491-493; of Christians to assist each other, iv. 558.
Duties to follow closet prayer-observations of God's dealings with

us, conduct must consist with devotion, waiting for answers, com-
munication of our success, iii

. 87—91; when unpleasing to God,
ii. 425; proper in anticipation of death and judgment, v. 505.
Eaton, Rev. s. dying address of, to his people, v. 513.
Education neglected, the sin of parents, v. 569.
Encouragement for Christians from the covenant of grace,-the

title saint is theirs, all scripture promises are theirs, the covenant
indissoluble, death welcome, and heaven certain, iv. 250_254;
to saints, from the general assembly—the universal association,
the re-union of contemporary saints and of pious relations, free-
dom from corruptions and ungodly persons, ministers meeting
their converts, the persecuted no more separated, saints of va-
rious sects united, infirmities left, sorrows past, difficult duties
over, all saints complete, and crowned with highest honours,

all wants supplied, v. 418-429.
Epistle preceding life in God's favour, iii. 245. to the Author's

relations, v. 179.
Error, pharisaical, in prayer, iii. 2. atheistical and popish, exposed,

ii. 347–353.
Essentials of closet prayer-cordial performance, seeking the

Spirit's aid, agreement with God's will, dependance on our ad-

vocate, several other things, iii. 75–82.
Evidence of sincerity, ii. 163.
Exaltation of believers at death, iv. 561.
Examination, self, respecting heart treasure, questions proper for

it, ii. 47–55; in reference to covenant mercies, ii. 381 ; res-

pecting newcreation, v. 109.
Excitement to heads of families timid in family prayer, iv. 416.
Exhortation to acquire heart treasure, addressed-to the poor, the

rich, and others, ii. 236-240; to sinners to be gathered to
Christ, v. 409; to saints respecting the general assembly-
to sincerity, to frequent solemn assembling, to concord, to seek
conversion of sinners, to improve the deaths of Christians, to
desire the day of general assembly, v. 411-416; to family
devotion, v. 479; to possessors of heart treasure, v. 242; to the
despisers of God's favour--not to be content with common fa-
vours, to be advised by the wisest men, to observe how the
worldly seek man’s favour, to consider the divine favour attain-
able, iii. 350—355; to those enjoying God's favour--to thankful-
ness, to improve it for the good of others, to desire heaven,

iii. 376—377.
Experience, christian, a miscellany of, iii. 255; to be treasured in

remembrance of the world's vanity, of the heart's treachery,


of sin's bitterness, of special providences, of spiritual influences,

ij. 150–157.

of Matt. vi. 6. closet, shut thy door, pray to thy Father,
iii. 4; of Psalm xxx. 5, 259; of 1 Cor. xv. 19; fourfold, v. 187.
Family ALTAR, epistle preceding, iv. 285 ; recommendation of,

289; text of explained, 293; distinguished from other altars, 307.
Family worship, obligatory, as appears from God's command,

scripture types, natural religion, prophecies and promises, prac-
tice of God's servants, providence of God, difference of families
pious and profane, christian families being churches, responsi-
bility of householders, our daily occasions, God's blessing at-
tending it, God's curse on prayerless families, iv. 312–325;
neglect of, lamented—that many families are without a priest,
an altar, a sacrifice, some have Satan's altar near God's, 345
-351; directions for the commencement of—to get scriptural
knowledge, to seek saving grace, to make a prudent choice of a
partner in life and of servants, to train families, 366—374; direc-
tions for the matter of-to attend a powerful ministry, search the
scriptures, study the Lord's prayer, and keep pious company,
to converse with God, study the evil of sin, think of wants, re-
count mercies, consider dangers, and ask God's Holy Spirit,
376_389; directions for the manner of_to realize God's pre-
sence, call in divine aid, immediately commence, and excite a
spirit of devotion in families, to choose the best times, to be
short and serious, not to suffer guilt to be a hindrance, to con-

verse seriously and observe answers to prayer, 391-400.
Family evils, corruptions and afflictions, iv. 437.
Favour of God is—his goodness in common providence and in spe-

cial dispensations, fruit of distinguishing grace, sense of it in the
soul, afforded only through Christ, iii. 262-268; is called life,
because it is the cause, the object, and the rule and end of life,
269–271 ; is life-to young converts; to returning backsliders,
desiring their graces revived, God's favour restored, peace and
comfort, security; to Christians afflicted outwardly and spiritual-
ly; to the dying Christian, to assure him of safety, to disarm
death, to assure him of gracious reception and of a happy resur-
rection, 271-289; better than all things else, the source of
mercies, spiritual and equal to our desires ; independent, pure
and effectual, certain, 301-305; those destitute of, are presum-
ers, abusers, refusers who prefer the favour of men, and plea-

sures of appetite ; gross sinners, persecutors, 311–325.
Fear, slavish, injures fruitfulness, ii. 430; of divine desertion, iii.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY, epistle preceding, v. 333; remarks intro-

ductory to, 341.
General assembly, gathered by—converting grace, death, resurrec-

tion all being changed, ministry of angels, oneness of language,
admission to one place, v. 348–355; of saints, strange but true,
an assembly perfectly holy, shall know each other, proves the
soul lives when disembodied, 356–360 ; to continue eternally,

2 R

361, 431 ; its design-God's glory, their mutual happiness, ne-
gatively and positively, 362-366; implies—that Christ is at
God's right hand, the relation between him and the saints, their
attachment to him, their full enjoyment of him, 378_382; con-
victs the wicked, since they will be excluded from it and from
God, they will be cast into hell, their misery increased by self-
reproaches, 389_392; corrects the gracious, since—their ani-
mosities are sinful, their shynesses and offences wrong, their

familiarity with the wicked improper, 393_397.
God, his relations to believers, his desirableness, sufficiency, and

fulness, ii. 309–311 ; his grace and love in the gospel, 361;

his wisdom, 363.
Gospel, demands thankfulness, v. 319.
Grace, superiority of, to gifts, ii. 372; connected with glory, v.

282; sovereign, consistent with the sinner's duty, 314.
Graces, christian, all to be treasured, particularly-conducting

graces, those which fit us for all duty, profiting and persevering
graces, ii. 138-146; true, inseparable, iv. l.
Gratitude, hymn on, ii. 190.
HEART TREASURE, introduction to, ii. l; recommendation of, xxi;

dedication of, xxiii; occasion of, xxvi; text of explained, 34.
Heart treasure, its expenditure by heavenly meditations, by pious

conversation, by devout exercises, by a pious and upright life,
ii. 20—24; gives strength for trials, 26 ; its necessity, 29, 75;
its worth, 35, 72; its extent, distinguishes character, assimilates
the soul to God, 36 ; enhances the soul's value, prepares for ay
condition, prepares for noble enterprizes, makes the soul God's
delight, useful in time of spiritual famine, 202—212; accumu-
lative, secured, its possessors approved of God, connected with,
and proportionate to, heavenly treasure, 215—225; cannot be
superfluous, 73; neglected, a dishonour to God, 77.
HEAVENLY CONVERSE, text of and context, explained, iv. 513.
Holiness, in principle and practice, v. 442; more than—knowledge,

faint wishes, mere morality, formality, hypocritical pretences,
zeal, temporary profession, 447–451 ; leads to present and fu-
ture safety, 453 ; why conducive to safety, 457 ; derided by the

atheist, 459; no substitute for, in judgment, 473.
Hope respecting departed relations, iv. 559.
Hymn of Herbert, ii. 281 ; on death, 489.
Hypocrisy in church members, v. 302.
Humility, taught by the ministry of angels and saints in glory, iv.553.
Impiety, dangerous, v. 461.
Infants, salvation of, iv. 445.
Inferences, from the general assembly of saints—omnipotence and
omniscience, death not dreadful to a saint, heaven capacious and

pure, five other, v.385—387; from the nature of conversion, 490.
Influence of covenant favour, ii. 405.
Inquiries respecting Christ's intercession—if Christ's Spirit have

prevailed with us, if we condemn ourselves, if sensible of our
wants, if we contemplate Christ, if we retain him as our advo-


cate, if the Spirit intercede within us, if our prayers and con-
duct agree with God's will, if we love Christ's interests, if we

be truly humble, iii. 192—205.
Instruction, from sure mercies, on the difference of the covenants,

ii. 360.
Insensibility of professors to the Lord's absence-censured, brings

other sorrows, drives him farther from us, iii. 435-445.
INTERCESSION OF CHRIST, observations on its text, iii. 138; its

conclusion, 238.
Intercession of Christ, assurance through, ii. 344; distinguished

from the Spirit's, virtual and direct, when assumed, ii. 142–
148 ; its extent for believers—for the Comforter, access to God,
&c. a recollective mind, peace and purity, church union, increase
of holiness, &c. their final salvation, 153—156; commenced at
the fall, extensive as the atonement, believer's privilege, applied
for conviction to sinners, 179—185; a privilege to believers
in case of original guilt, darkness of mind, power of corruption,
deadness, slavish fear, &c. after omission of duties, in affliction,
desertion and conflict, in relative concerns, want of ordinances
and in church-divisions, prayer being unanswered, and on death's

approach, iii. 222_230.
Intercessor, his office, Christ hears the sinner's case, declares the

law in heaven's court, pleads the justice of the believer's ac-
quittal, answers accusations of justice, of Satan, of conscience,
157–164; qualifications of intelligence, righteousness, conde-
scension, readiness and sympathy, courage and faithfulness, con-
stancy and success, 166_172; Christ the only one between God
and men, because the disparity between him and us is infinite,
no creature is fit, Christ is every way qualified, commissioned,
and related to us, saints are intended for high honours, it is
the reward of his sufferings, no intercessor to be associated with

Christ, iii. 173—182.
Intercourse, of the glorified, respecting—creation and man's apos-

tacy, salvation, ordinances, trials and experiences, saving grace,

providences, &c. eternal bliss, v. 372–376.
Judgments averted by reformation, v. 463.
Lamentation, Israel's explained, and improved, iii. 410; reasons of -

ordinances our greatest glory, obstruction of them a heavy judg-
ment, great advantage in them, it is a believer's disposition to
lament their loss, iii. 415–417, 438; after the Lord—an acknow-
ledged duty, enforced by practice of men, only way to secure

his return, needful, since only he can help us, iii. 439–446.
Letter to Rev. T. Jollie, fac-simile, iv. 1 ; printed ditto, iv. 567.
Life, in God's favour, is a life of justification, sanctification, co-

venant supplies, glory and salvation; a rich mercy, comforts of,

fruits of divine favour, iii. 292—299; of the Author, i.
Love of God to man, iii. 180.
Means to obtain divine favour-serious reflection, true faith in

Christ, resignation to God, earnest prayer, iii. 358_364; to ob-
tain assurance-diligent use of ordinances, self-trial, reflection

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on our experience, &c. iii. 374375; of obtaining clear evi-
dences of our christianity--the increase and exercise of graces,
reflection, submitting the heart to God, prayer for divine light,

v. 261–264.
Meditation, holy, aided by-promises, and a clear conscience; a

way of expending heart treasure, ii. 18—20; concluding Life in

God's favour, iii. 380.
MEETNESS FOR HEAVEN, epistle preceding, v. 233.
Meetness for heaven, fourfold distinction of; habitual, consists in-

justification and adoption, conversion and covenanting with God,
v.247—252; actual, in the exercise of-faith, hope, love, humility,
clear evidences of our title, 256–260; actual, more particularly,
in the completion-of our work, spiritual, temporal, relative,
and public, in victory over corruptions, in looseness from the
world, great spirituality, intimacy with God, 268—279; attain-
able, needful, since if unfit—we have no desire to be there, being
unprepared for death we shall be refused entrance, should be
unhappy there ; sinner's need of, lamented, not always found in
church members, mistakes respecting, ignorance of, disregard
of; habitual, exhortation to seek; actual, saints exhorted to, 290
-315; deserves gratitude, since—spiritual good is best, Christ
has purchased it, it has peculiar advantages, gives fitness for all
duties, has promise of heaven, 317–322; inferences from—that
there is a future state, assurance is attainable; questions respect-

ing, 323_329.
Memory, natural, artificial, and spiritual; use of, aided by a gra-

cious heart, v. 540.
Mercies, covenant, distinguished from common, ii. 366 ; sure ; con-

veyance of-through Christ's union with our nature, his anoint-
ing to his offices, the covenant of redemption, by the discharge
of Christ's offices, his earthly and heavenly state, 334—341; their
sureness confutes Arminians and others, 3554358; undervalued,
not enjoyed, not improved, 419_423; their importance the
only certain good, sanctify common mercies, only ground of com-
fort, give safety in every state, their influence in God's service,
see us safe to heaven, 432_439; free and precious, extensive,
purposed and dignifying, sanctifying, separating, and sealing,
comprehensive and diversified, ii. 495—498.
Mistaken souls lamented, v. 308.
Motives to the erection of a family altar—it is the best ornament

of a house, family defence, the way to bring salvation to our
homes, useful in the want of public ordinances, the guilt and

folly of neglecting it, iv. 357–363.
Natural man unfit for heaven, v. 281.
New creation, its subject, instrument employed, its efficient cause,

its effect, its completeness, its pattern, its rule, its design, 27-
33 ; commenced by illumination, better than the first, not to
be substituted for Christ, not of a justifying nature, rectifies
the mental faculties, a fruit and evidence of eternal love, fits
the soul for God's abode, commences the soul's converse with


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