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in a publick Dedication, which altho' most justly due to your Birth, your great Affluence of Fortune, and your personal Me. rits, yet I know is not agreeable to your frank Temper, that I fear you will be surprized at receiving an Address of this Sorc from one whom you have honoured with the Freedom of making a nearer Approach to you: But, Sir, your generous Disposition, your Affibility of Manners, and Aversion to fuperficial Ceremonies, are what will always increase rather than diminish all real Respect : And it is with much Pleasure that I have this opportunity of expressing in a publick Manner the great Esteem I have for your Person, and the grateful Sense of the Honour you have done me of a Continuance of that Friendship, which you were pleased to begin to thew very many Years past to,

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Lord Carteret's Memorial delivered to the Queen of Sweden. Sir John Norris arrives in the Baltick. The Czar's Descent into Sweden. Commits great Hostilities there. His Ministers Memorial to the King of Great-Britain. The Answer to it. Banishes the Jesuiss bis Dominions. Sets up Assemblies at Petersburgh. Falls dangerously ill, and recovers.


The Czar prepares for War. Negotiations in

Poland. ` Queen of Sweden resigns her Crown to her Husband. The Czar's Minister presents a Memorial to the King of Great-Britain, and is ordered to depart that Kingdom. The British Fleet arrives in the Sound. Admiral Norris's Letter to Prince Dolgoruki, and his Answer. The Czar declines the Mediation of the King of Great-Britain. An Officer'arrives from Sweden to notify the Accession of the Prince of Helle-Caffel to the Throne ; who is desirous of Peace. The Swedish Vice-Admiral attacks the Czar's Fleet, and is beaten. A naval Triumph at Petersburgh on that Account. The Russians commit great Ravages in Sweden. The Czar makes some Proposals for a SuspenSion of Arms, and an Exchange of Prisoners, which are rejected ; upon which he continues bis Preparations for the War. Receives the Duke of Holstein under bis Protection. Offers 10 accept of the Mediation of France. A Congress is appointed at Niestadt in Finland. The Czar sends a new Chart of the Caspian-Sea to the Royal Academy at Paris. Peace concluded between Russia and Sweden. Tbe Swe. dish Prisoners set at Liberty. The Czar is requested to take upon him the Title of Emperor. A folemn Thanksgiving for the Peace.


The Czar takes upon him the Title of Emperor ;

and requires it to be given him by Foreign Powers; which is done very readily by the King of Prussia, the States-General of the United Provinces, and the Grand Signior ; but the King of Denmark refuses it, on Account of Some Differences with respect to certain Privileges claimed by the Czar in the Sound. The Trade removed from Archangel to Petersburgh. The Bible translated into the Russian Language. The Emperor of Russia makes a triumphant Entry into Moscow. Obliges his People to take an Oath, that they will all approve of the Perjon he mall appoint for his Successor. The Grounds of the War with Perfia. His Russian Majesty prepares for an Expedition on the Caspian-Sea. Resolves to command his Army in Person. Makes several Regulations before his Departure. Calls a General Synod. Sets out with the Empress from Moscow. Disperses a Manifesto along the Borders of the Caspian-Sea. An Extract of the Journal of the Emperor's Expedition to Derbent. The Turks jealous of the Rufsians Success. The good Offices of the Marquis de Bonac, the French Ambasador. Proceedings against Baron Schafiroff. The Emperor returns to Petersburgh. Reviews bis Navy. Gives Ships to several Cities. The Duke of Holstein demands the Title of Royal Higbriefs


of the States of Sweden. The Consecration of
ihe Little-Grandfire. The Reception of tbe
Persian Ambassador: The Taking of Baku.
The Discontent of the Turks. A Treaty be-
tween Russia and the Porte.


The Czar being determined to crown the Empress

Catharine, publishes a Proclamation on that Occasion. Ereits an Academy of Sciences and the Belles-Lettres. The Ceremonies of the Empress's Coronation. The Emperor falls sick at Petersburgh. Causes the Oath to be renewed that was taken in Favour of the Empress. Makes some new Regulations particularly in the Method of administring Justice. Dies. His Epitaph.


Containing an Account of M. Isbrant's Journey

from Moscow to China.

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