Memoir of General John Briggs, of the Madras Army: With Comments on Some of His Words and Work

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Chatto and Windus, 1885 - British - 285 pages
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Page 156 - Governor-General in Council shall be at liberty, and shall have full power and right, either to introduce such regulations and ordinances, as he shall deem expedient for the internal management and collection of the revenues, or for the better ordering of any other branch and department of the government of Mysore, or to assume and bring under the direct management of the servants of the said Company Behauder, such part or parts of the territorial possessions...
Page 135 - ... saying that the land belongs to ' the State ' when the State is only another name for the people, but it is very different when the State is represented by a small minority of foreigners, who disburse nearly one-third of the revenues received from the land on the remuneration of their own servants, and who have no abidingplace on the soil and no stake in the fortunes of the country. It is because we have acted on this principle all over India, with the exception of the permanently settled districts,...
Page 156 - ... of the said territories, as he shall judge most expedient for the purpose of securing the efficiency of the said military funds and of providing for the effectual protection of the country and the welfare of the people.
Page 188 - I have, therefore, to request that the Right Honourable the Governor in Council will be pleased to give authority to the Commissioners for the immediate removal of the person in question from the office of Dewan.
Page 90 - Raja's flag has been set up in it, and his former ministers have been called into employment. Whatever country is assigned to the Raja will be administered by him, and he will be bound to establish a system of justice and order; the rest of the country will be held by the Honourable Company.
Page 157 - By the adoption of the arrangement which I advocate, certain doubts will be removed which I cannot help entertaining, both as to the legality and the justice, according to a strict interpretation/ of the course that has been pursued.
Page 90 - Rao's hands, will be released, and placed at the head of an independent sovereignty of such an extent as may maintain the Raja and his family in comfort and dignity. With this view the fort of Sattara has been taken, the Raja's flag has been set up in it, and his former ministers have been called into employment. Whatever country is assigned to the Raja will...
Page 246 - If you are to do away with the right of individuals to adopt, you will shake the faith of the people of India ; you will influence that opinion which has hitherto maintained you in your power; and that influence will thrill through your army; and you will find some day, as Lord Metcalfe more than once said, ' we shall rise some morning, and hear of a conflagration through the whole Empire of India, such as a few Europeans amongst millions will not be able to extinguish.
Page 50 - ... once from the cantonment, though hastily expressed, was subsequently abandoned. Mr. Elphinstone resolved to defer doing anything until the morning, and then to take such precautionary measures as he might deem proper. I believe that neither I nor he had much sleep during that anxious night. The night fortunately passed quietly ; owing, as was said, to the opposition to war evinced by some of the ministers. Bajee Rao was physically an arrant coward ; he had always displayed this weakness, and...
Page 156 - And whereas it is indispensably necessary, that effectual and lasting security should be provided against any failure in the funds destined to defray either the expenses of the permanent military force in time of peace, or the extraordinary expenses described in the Third Article of the present Treaty, it is hereby stipulated and agreed between the contracting parties, that whenever...

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