Naufragia Or Historical Memoirs of Shipwrecks and of the Providential Deliverance of Vessels

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Page 11 - When I first saw him, I thought, if I had not been let into his character and story, I could have discerned that he had been much separated from company, from his aspect and gesture ; there was a strong but cheerful seriousness in his look, and a certain disregard to the ordinary things about him, as if he had been sunk in thought.
Page 8 - The rats gnawed his feet and clothes while asleep, which obliged him to cherish the cats with his goats' flesh ; by which many of them became so tame, that they would lie about him in hundreds, and soon delivered him from the rats. He likewise tamed some kids, and to divert himself would now and then sing and dance with them and his cats: so that by the...
Page 7 - He told us that his agility in pursuing a goat had once like to have cost him his life ; he pursued it with so much eagerness...
Page 30 - At four in the morning, the cutter was dispatched with our third Lieutenant to find out the bay we were in search of, who returned again at noon with the boat laden with seals and grass; for though the Island abounded with better vegetables, yet the...
Page 124 - Monday night, about twelve of the clock, or not long after, the frigate being ahead of us in the " Golden Hinde," suddenly her lights were out, whereof as it were in a moment we lost the sight, and withal our watch cried the general was cast away, which was too true.
Page 97 - A report of the voyage and successe thereof, attempted in the yeere of our Lord 1583 by sir Humfrey Gilbert knight, with other gentlemen assisting him in that action, intended to discover and to plant Christian inhabitants in place convenient, upon those large and ample countreys extended Northward from the cape of Florida...
Page 10 - Fernandez, a Spaniard, who settled there with some families for a time, till the continent of Chili began to submit to the Spaniards ; which, being more profitable, tempted them to quit this island, which is capable of maintaining a good number of people, and of being made so strong that they could not be easily dislodged.
Page 404 - Here charity hath fix'd her chosen seat, Oft listening tearful when the wild winds beat, With hollow bodings round your ancient walls : And pity, at the dark and stormy hour Of midnight, when the moon is hid on high, Keeps her lone watch upon the topmost tower, And turns her ear to each expiring cry ; Blest if her aid some fainting wretch might save, And snatch him cold and speechless from the wave.
Page 5 - He diverted and provided for himself as well as he could, but for the first eight months had much ado to bear up against melancholy, and the terror of being left alone in such a desolate place.
Page 4 - During his stay here he saw several ships pass by, but only two came to anchor. As he went to view them, he found them to be Spaniards, and retired from them, upon which they shot at him. Had they been French, he would have submitted, but chose to...

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