Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah & Meccah: By Sir Richard F. Burton, Volume 1

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Ironically, for this second volume describes the achievement of Burton's quest--that is, his entry into Medina and Mecca--I found it not as stirring as Volume 1. This from the perspective of someone ... Read full review

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Page 125 - And God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water; and she went, and filled the bottle with water, and gave the lad drink.
Page 169 - Est in secessu longo locus : insula portum Efficit objectu laterum, quibus omnis ab alto Frangitur inque sinus scindit sese unda reductos.
Page 155 - — goodly ashen staves six feet long, thick as a man's wrist, well greased, and tried in many a rough bout. He shouted to us " Defend yourselves if you don't wish to be the meat of the Maghrabis ! " and to the enemy " Dogs and sons of dogs ! now shall you see what the children of the Arab are," — " I am Omar of Daghistan ! " "I am Abdullah the son of Joseph ! "
Page 128 - In the desert, spirituous liquors excite only disgust. There is a keen enjoyment in a mere animal existence.
Page 10 - Master in the mystic craft. I was therefore sufficiently well acquainted with the tenets and practices of these Oriental Freemasons. No character in the Moslem world is so proper for disguise as that of the Darwaysh.
Page 21 - ... wax, buttons, and other such articles. These things were most useful in lands where tailors abound not; besides which, the sight of a man darning his coat or patching his slippers teems with pleasing ideas of humility. A dagger, a brass inkstand and penholder stuck in the belt, and a mighty rosary, which on occasion might have been converted into a weapon of offense, completed my equipment.
Page 17 - I tried a dozen other promiscuous sources of information, — policemen, grooms, scribes, donkey-boys, and idlers in general. At length, wearied of patience, I offered a soldier some pinches of tobacco and promised him an Oriental sixpence if he would manage the business for me. The man was interested by the tobacco and the pence; he took my hand, and inquiring the while he went along, led me from place to place till, mounting a grand staircase, I stood in the presence of Abbas Effendi, the governor's...
Page 12 - I presume to be a composition of what phrenologists call inhabitiveness and locality equally and largely developed. After a long and toilsome march, weary of the way, he drops into the nearest place of rest to become the most domestic of men. For a while he smokes the pipe of permanence...
Page 241 - Burckhardt, with his usual accuracy, asserts that a new curtain is sent when the old one is decayed, or when a new Sultan ascends the throne, and those authors err who, like Maundrell, declare the curtain to be removed every year. The Damascus Caravan conveys, together with its Mahmil or emblem of royalty, the new Kiswah (or " garment ") when required for the tomb.
Page 243 - Prophet's body is supposed to lie (undecayed) stretched at full length on the right side with the right palm supporting the right cheek, the face directed toward Mecca.