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of candour went off in a fortnight at Islington ; your refusing to see any body but your maid when this chick was hatching from the egg; the printer's boy bringing a proof to you at a friend's house, where you did not expect him ; your acknowledging to Mrs. Terry that you had a hand in the first squib that your maid discharged at me, besides your own mode of writing appearing in it, serve to confirm me in my opinion of its having been a joint work.

The above hints I have dropped, a hint to the wise is enough, only to let my friends know that I was privy to many of their secret counsels: “ Wist ye not that such a man as I can certainly divine?” I

suppose your servant thinks me not so competent a judge of physiognomy as herself, because the 'Answer to the Daughter's Defence' was addressed to the father : but she seems to wonder that the answer to the maid's mask should be addressed to the master. However, this is agreeable to the only rule of life; We are to do as we would be done by, for this is the law and the prophets : and this method I have adopted, and am determined to pursue it, until Mr. Ryland's servant can find some other post or pillar, beside me, for the purpose of beating her mats and duster.

My doctrine, in this piece, is jumbled in as a principal ingredient of a most dreadful composition; and like the poor man that fell among thieves, I am ranked with a desperate gang. The calf's head that Maria tumbled into the ashes did

not cut a worse figure before Mr. Ryland than I do in this black company. However, I will pick my own precious doctrine from this bolus; and, as the good Samaritan has set me on his own beast, I hope to ride away from this gang. As to James Relly, I know nothing of him ; I never read any thing of his. I got not my doctrine from man; it is not after man.

Nor will I defend any antinomian tenets but those that are found in the everlasting gospel; nor vindicate any sort of antinomians but those, and those only, who know the plague of their own heart and the healing balm of Christ's blood; who are born again of the Spirit of God, united to Jesus, and who live in the Spirit, walk in the Spirit, and serve God in the newness of the Spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter, This sort of antinomians I dearly love; and God loves them, because they love Jesus; and it is in and by such that God ever was, and ever will be, glorified

I do believe in my heart, friend Ryland, that my most gracious God has given the Coalheaver a name and a place among his blessed ones : therefore do not rank me among the chimneysweepers; for I am no friend to hypocrites, nor patron of the workers of darkness. As the doctrine that I preach is my own, what God himself revealed to my heart at first, and which I have learnt since out of no book but the bible, I should like to dispute this point with Mr. Ryland himself, and that by the scriptures of truth, and let the children of God at large judge of our doctrine. I consider your age ; and will, God enable me, make use of all the candour that I am master of, so as not to obscure the rays, nor blunt the force, of truth. I think I can do this with a good conscience, as it is in defence of my own testimony, and being commanded to contend earnestly for the faith, and to preach the gospel ; while your contention is for the law.

In my answer to this, I shall make my remarks chiefly on those passages that are levelled at me, and which contradict the doctrine that I have learnt; and submit them to your judgment, and expect your reply. But, if you set your maid to work, you must expect, and shall have, the answer addressed to yourself. God says, The spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets, but not to maid-servants. My business is, and shall be, with the master, not with the girl. If Mr. Lovegrove has nothing to do with his money but to employ it in this way, he had better distribute it to the poor. A hint is enough. I shall add no more by way of preface, but conclude,

Reverend Sir,

Your ready and willing antagonist,

In Zion's controversy,

W. H.





Quot. “What think ye of Christ?" Matt. xxii. 42. Of all the questions which it is possible to propose to mankind, this is one of the most important: upon the right knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ depends the happiness and salvation of men. “ This is life eternal, to know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent,” John xvii. 3. If our acquaintance with polite literature and the sciences is deficient, our loss will be trivial. If we are mistaken, or even deceived, in such matters, the mistake or deception will not be attended with much danger or damage; but a deficiency, a mistake, a deception, in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, cannot but be accompanied by the most fatal consequences. Eternity hangs upon it.

Answer. “ Dost thou believe on the Son of

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