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159 Standing joint committee of industrial women's organi

sations. The position of women after the war. Report of the Standing joint committee of industrial women's organisations presented to the Joint committee on labour

problems after the war. London [etc.] Co-operative printing society limited (1916 ?] 20 p. 24cm


HD8390.J75,00.1 160 The Statist, London. When the war ends. I-LVI. (A series

of articles) The Statist, Nov. 10, 1917-Feb. 22, 1919 and continuation.

HG11.88,v.90-92 161 Storey, Harold. The Paris conference and trade after the


London, T. F. Unwin, Itd. [1916] 32 p. 21 cm.

HF499.88 162 U. S. Bureau of foreign and domestic commerce (Dept. of com

merce) Economic reconstruction. Analysis of main tendencies in the principal belligerent countries of Europe with statistics of production, consumption, and trade in

important foodstuffs and industrial raw materials. Washington, Govt. print. off., 1918. 74 p. 25cm (Miscellaneous series, no. 73) Appendixes: A. Economic conference of the allied governments. —

B. Report of British Committee on commercial and industrial policy after the war.-c. Imports and exports (temporary control) bill.-D. The British nonferrous metal industry act.

HC56.06 163

German trade and the war. Commerical and industrial conditions in war time and the future outlook,

by Chauncey Depew Snow and J. J. Kral. Washington, Govt. print. off., 1918. 236 p. incl. tables. 25cm. (Miscellaneous series, no. 65) Appendixes: A. German import trade.-B. Extracts from the Presi.

dent's addresses.-c. Pan-Germanism and Mittleuropa. <From an article by Prof. Thomas G. Masaryk, of Prague, in The new Europe, London, Oct. 19, 1916.>-D. The Leipzig fair in war time.-E. Christmas in Berlin, 1917.-F. Interlocking of German banks and other corporations. --G. German methods in trade and industry described in official reports.

HC286.2.UK 164

Tariff commission. The glass industry as affected by the war. New branches of the industry-Changes in manufacture and trade due to war conditions—Holding export and domestic trade after the war—The glass trade of European countries—Testimony of leading

American manufacturers. Washington, Govt. print. off., 1918. 147 p. 23cm (Tariff information series, no. 5) ""The commission has had the services of Frank J. Sheridan, special expert, in the preparation of this pamphlet."-p. 5.

HF1756.A425 20.5

HD9623.445A6 1918 165 Victor, E. A., ed. Canada's future, what she offers after the

war; a symposium of official opinion. Toronto, The Macmillan company of Canada, ltd., 1916. xv, 320 p. incl. front. (port.) 24cm.

HC115.15 166 Villiers, Brougham. Britain after the peace; revolution or

London, T. F. Unwin, ltd. (1918] 263 p. 21cm.

HC256.2.17 167 Warburg, Paul M. Some phases of financial reconstruction.

Address at Atlantic city, Dec. 6, 1918. 29 p. 168 Webb, Sidney. When peace comes: the way of industrial

reconstruction. Westminster, 1916. cover-title, 32 p. 214cm. (Fabian tract, no. 181) “This tract is reproduced, with slight additions, from half-a-dozen

articles in the 'Daily news' (which appeared July 28, August 3,

12, 19, 26, and September 5, 1916)”. HX11.F25 no.181 169

and Arnold Freeman. Great Britain after the war; being facts and figures, quotations and queries, suggestions and forecasts, designed to help individual inquirers and study circles in considering what will happen after the war with regard to trade, employment, wages, prices, trade unionism, co-operation, women's labour, foreign commerce, the railways, the coal supply, education, taxation, etc. Dedicated to the Workers' educa

tional association. London, G. Allen and Unwin, limited (1916] 80 p. 214cm.

HC256.2.W4 170 Webster, Robert Grant. The awakening of an empire. London. J. Murray, 1917. xxvi, 326 p. 19cm.

HC256.2.W43 171 Wells, Herbert G. The elements of reconstruction; a series of

articles contributed in July and August, 1916, to the

London, Nisbet & co., (1917] 119, [1] p. 16cm.

CONTENTS.-Introduction. Science in education and industry.

Scientific agriculture and the nation's food.—The long view and labour.–Problems of political adaptation.-An imperial constitution.-Higher education in the empire. D659.G7W4

172 Whetham, William Cecil Dampier. The war and the nation;

a study in constructive politics.
London, J. Murray, 1917. viii p., 1 1., 312 p. 19cm.

CONTENTS.-Introduction: “Laissez-faire" or constructive poli

tics?—The land and they that dwell thereon.—The organisation of British industry and commerce.-Coal and railways.—The war and the race.-Finance and taxation.

HC256.2.65 173 Whitaker, Charles Harris, and others. The housing problem

in war and in peace. Washington, D. C., The Journal of the American institute

of architects, 1918. 116 p. incl. illus., plates, plans.


“All of the material with the exception of a few illustrations,

is reprinted from the Journal of the American institute of architects, issues of September, 1917, to February, 1918, inclusive."

NA7551.65 174 Woolf, Leonard S. Co-operation and the future of industry. London, George Allen & Unwin, (1918). 141 p. 194cm.

HD3486.67 175 Zimmern, Alfred E. Nationality and government with other

war-time essays.
London, Chatto & Windus, 1918. 364 p.

CONTENTS.-1. German culture and the British commonwealth.

II. Nationality and government.—III. True and false nationalism.-iv. The passing of nationality.-v. Education, social and national.-vi. The universities and public opinion.—vit. Progress in government.-viii. Progress in industry.--IX. The labour movement and the future of British industry.-X. Reconstruction.—x1. The control of industry after the war.—XII. Capitalism and international relations.--XII. The new German empire.XIV. Three doctrines in conflict.


[Numbers refer to items not to pages)




Acland, Francis D

109 | Bligh, Stanley M..
Adams, W. G. S.
3 Bloomfield, M....

Adderley, James.

20 Board of trade journal, London.... 17
Aldridge, H.R.
27 Bondfield, Margaret.

Allen, C. E...
3 | Bonn, M. J.

Alliance d'hygiène sociale........ 121 | Booth, Sir A Hred A..

American academy of political and Bosanquet, Bernard...

social science, Phila........... 3, 3a, 4 | Bower, Sir Graham John...
American federation of labor, Bowley, A. L.......,

Comm. on reconstruction...... 5 Brabrook, Sir Edward.

American industrial commission to Bradbury, Sir John S.

115, 116

6 Brand, Charles J.
American mfgrs. export assoc..... 6,7 | Branford, Mrs. Victor V...... 20
Anderson, Adelaide Mary... 22, 111 Bray, Reginald Arthur....

Anderson, Mary...
3a Brisco, N. A......

Anderson, W....
20 British trade corporation.

Andrews, John B.
3, 142 Brock, A. Clutton...

Armbruster, L...
8 Browne, Sir Benjamin

Armour, John F.
20 Browne, Sir B. C....

Ashbee, C. R.
20 Bruère, H....

Association of nat. advertisers, N. Y 8a Bruère, Robert W..

3a, 142
Atkisson, Horace L. B..

8b Buckmaster, Stanley Owen Buck-
Atterbury, Grosvenor.

master, 18t baron ..

Austin, Oscar P...
9,35 | Button, F. S....

20, 22
Badley, John Haden..
10 Buxton, C. R..

Balch, Emily Greene.
11 | Cadbury, Edward.

Balfour, Alexander Hugh Bruce, Cannan, Edwin.

6th baron.
61-65 Carlyle, A. J

20, 36
Barclay, Sir Thomas.
12 Carpenter, Edward .

Barker, E.....
36 Carter, Huntly....

Barker, George

20 Chamber of commerce of the U.S.
Barker, J. Ellis.

13, 14 Chance, Sir William, bart.. 21, 27
Barnes, George N..
60 Chapman, Sydney J.

22, 27
Barron, Mary L.
4 | Chaumet, Ch...

Barthélmy, Joseph.
152 Chesterton, G. K.

Bell, Sir Hugh.... 20, 22, 36, 134 | Clapp, Edwin J.

Belloc, Hilaire.
20 Clark, John M

Benn, Ernest J. P.
20 Clayton, C. T.

Berthélemy, H...
152 Cleveland, Frederick A

Biard d'Aunet, Georges.
15 Clothier, Robert C..

Birchenough, Sir Henry.
52 Clynes, J. R......

Birmingham, Bishop of. See

Cockburn, Sir John...

Wakefield, H. Russell.

Cole, George D. H.

20, 24
Blackman-Ross company.
16 | Colver, William B.



3, 35 3, 35

3, 3a

Compton-Rickett, Sir J......... 27 Garton foundation, London... 37
Conference of working-class asso- Gascoyne-Cecil, Lord W.

ciations, Oxford....
25 Giddings, F. H.

148 Cooke, M. L... 3 Gide, Charles..

151 Cooper, Henry E.

35 Gilbreth, Frank B.. Corea, L. F.

3 Gilbreth, Lillian M. Cox, Harold.. 20 Gildersleeve, Virginia C...

142 Crennan, C. H.

4 Gompers, Samuel.. Crewe, Robert 0. A. C. M., 18t Goodrich, C. F...

148 marquis of.....

149 Gt. Brit. Board of education, Comm. Cromer, Evelyn Baring, 1st earl of. 27

on juvenile educ....

38, 39 D'Abernon, Edgar Vincent, 18t

Comm. on scales of salary for baron.


D'Acosta, Uriel.
26 Board of trade....

41-44 Davies, Emil..

20 Commercial intelligence comm.. 45–47 Davison, T. Raffles... 20 Comm. on coal trade..

48 Dawson, William Harbutt.

27 Comm. on engineering trades Dean, Arthur Davis...

after the war..

49 Decker, M. S...

4 Comm. on financial facilities Demos (pseud.]...

for trade....

50 Dennison, H. S.

3 Comm. on shipping & shipDenny, Sir Archibald.


Densmore, John B.
За Comm. on textile trades

52 Dervaux, Adolphe...

151 Company law amendment Dibblee, George Binney..


53 Dickinson, G. L......

3 Electric power supply comm... 54 Docker, F. Dudley.

20, 22
Electrical trades comm...

55 Dutton, Samuel T...

142 Iron and steel trades comm..... 56 Economic conference of the allies,

Pre-war contract comm..

57 Paris, 1916...

31, 162

Comm. of enquiry into industrial Eder, M. D.

20 unrest...

21, 58-60 Eliot, C. W.

3 Comm. on commercial and inEllis, A. Caswell. 142 dustrial policy....

61-65, 162 Ellis, Havelock..

20 Comm. on currency and foreign Ewer, W. N... 20 exchanges...

66 Exeter, Bishop of. See Gascoyne

Comm. on modern languages in Cecil, Lord W.

the educational system of Gt. Fairchild, Henry Pratt.. 3a, 142 Brit..

67 Faringdon, Alexander Henderson,

Comm. on natural science in the 1st baron....

50 educational system of Gt. Brit.. 68 Fawcett, Mrs.

27 Dominions royal commission. 69 Feiss, R. A. 3 Financial facilities comm....

70 Fisher, Irving...

35 Imperial war conference, 1918.... 71 Fitzmaurice, Sir Maurice.

20 Local government board. Comm. Fleure, H.J.. 20 on building bye-laws....

72 France.

33 Ministry of labour..

73, 74, 77 Ministere du commerce, de l'in

Ministry of munitions....

75 dustrie......

34 Comm. on sulphuric acid and Freeman, Arnold. 169 fertilizer trades....

76, 76a Friedman, Elisha Michael..

35 Ministry of reconstruction...... 77-81 Furby, Charles.....

12 Acquisition of powers sub-comm. 82 Furniss, H. Sanderson..

20, 156
Adult education comm....

83, 84
Gantt, H. L.
3 Advisory council.....

85 Gardner, Lucy.


Women's housing sub-com-
Garnett, W.



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