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SLP. 1919


The list here presented is intended to include only the outstanding books on the general subject of Economic Reconstruction, and some others dealing with special phases of general interest.

Its purpose is to furnish to such institutions and individuals as are not receiving the more extensive bibliographies a brief list of readily accessible material which gives general insight into the subject. More ambitious bibliographies are the following: Outline studies on the problems of the reconstruction period, prepared by a special committee. New York, Association press, 1918. 2 p. 1., 39 p. 19cm.

Turner, Mrs. V. B. List of references on reconstruction.

(In U. S. Bureau of labor statistics. Monthly labor review, Dec. 1918, p. 1529-1561.)

U. S. Dept. of labor. Library. Reconstruction; a preliminary bibliography. Comp. by Laura A. Thompson. 57 p. Mimeographed.

Reconstruction: Supplementary list of references. Comp. by Laura A. Thompson. 52 p. Mimeographed. The Division of Bibliography has also compiled the following mimeographed lists:

Training and rehabilitation of disabled or injured men. July 19, 1917. 8 p. Supplementary list, Oct. 21, 1918. 13 p. League of nations, Oct. 7, 1918. 18 p. Supplementary list, Mar. 3,

1919. 13 p.

Settlement of soldiers and sailors on the land. Mar. 25, 1919. 8 p.

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1 After-war trade plans of five nations: Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Germany. A series of five articles setting forth the preparations which these countries are making to expand their foreign trade when the world conflict ends. Reprinted from the New York Evening Post. New York, N. Y., Evening Post, 1918. [22] p.

2 America after the war, by an American jurist.

New York, The Century company, 1918. 5 p. l., 3-208 p. 18cm.

Reprinted from the New York times.

CONTENTS.-America and the war.-Belgium and Luxemburg.—
The Balkans.-The sequel of the war.-Mexico.-Canada.-The
West Indies.-Asia and the Pacific.-America after the war.—
Democracy.-An American merchant marine.-Preparedness.


3 American academy of political and social science, Philadelphia. America's interests after the European war. Philadelphia, The American academy of political and social science, 1915. xi, 323 p. 1 illus. 25cm. (Its Annals. vol. LXI [whole no. 150].)

CONTENTS.-Foreword, by C. L. King.-pt. 1. America's industries as affected by the European war: America's industries as affected by the European war, by A. B. Johnson. European war influences upon American industry and labor, by S. Gompers. America's unemployment problem, by H. Bruère. Some recent surveys of unemployment, by R. Meeker. The war and immigration, by F. J. Warne. Unemployment and immigration, by F. A. Kellor. Some industrial lessons of the European war, by J. P. I. Stability and development in America's international trade: American export policies, by F. Johnston. Commercial isolation versus international trade, by M. J. Bonn. The relations of Central and South America with the United States as affected by the European war, by L. F. Corea. What can the United States and Latin America do for each other? By C. M. Muchnic. Transportation facilities needed for Latin American trade, by W. Ring.-pt. . American industrial supremacy through efficiency in business organization: The effect of idle plant on costs and profits, by H. L. Gantt. The effect of unemployment on the wage scale, by Mary Van Kleeck. Scientific

management applied to the steadying of employment, and its


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