The History of India, as Told by Its Own Historians: The Muhammadan Period, Volume 7

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Trübner and Company, 1877 - India
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Page 430 - fikar Khan and Shah Kudrat Allah Fakir (may the curse of God be on him!), he put him to death. In the brief reign of Jahandar, violence and debauchery had full sway. It was a fine time for minstrels and singers and all the tribes of dancers and actors. There seemed to be a likelihood that
Page 561 - left not even hope behind it. I have committed numerous crimes, and know not with what punishments I may be seized. Though the Protector of mankind will guard the camp, yet care is incumbent also on the faithful and my sons. When I was alive, no care was
Page 255 - This was the beginning of that system of violence which he and his descendants have spread over the rest of the Kokan and all the territory of the Dakhin. Whenever he heard of a prosperous town, or of a district inhabited by thriving cultivators, he plundered it and took possession of it. Before the
Page 562 - though of much judgment and good understanding, settled large pensions on his people, but paid them ill, and they were ever discontented. I am going. Whatever good or evil I have done, it was for you. Take it not amiss, nor remember what offences I have done
Page 185 - richly-jewelled idols taken from the pagan temples were transferred to A'gra, and there placed beneath the steps leading to the Nawab Begam Sahib's mosque, in order that they might ever be pressed under foot by the true believers. Mattra changed its name into Islamabad, and was thus called in all official documents, as well as by the people.
Page 562 - Be cautious that none of the faithful are slain, or that their miseries fall upon my head. I resign you, your mother and son to God, as I myself am going. The agonies of death come upon me fast. Bahadur Shah is still where he was, and his son is arrived near Hindustan. Bedar Bakht is in Gujarat. Hayatu-n
Page 242 - died of dysentery and vexation. Mountain after mountain of trouble thus pressed upon the heart of Dara, grief was added to grief, sorrow to sorrow, so that his mind no longer retained its equilibrium. Without considering the consequences, he sent her corpse to Lahore in charge of Gul Muhammad, to be buried there.
Page 269 - supports, came in to see the Amir, and make his apology ; but that high-born noble spoke not a word beyond saying, " I thought the Maharaja was in His Majesty's service when such an evil befell me." When this occurrence was reported to the Emperor, he passed censure both upon the Amir and Raja Jaswant. The
Page 158 - done without meeting with the due punishment enjoined by the Muhammadan law. Under the dictates of anger and passion he never issues orders of death. In consideration of their rank and merit, he shows much honour and respect to the Saiyids, saints and learned men, and through his cordial and liberal exertions, the sublime doctrines of
Page 413 - Money and baggage, horses and elephants, fell into the hands of the infidels, and not a man of the army of Islam escaped with more than his life and the clothes he stood in. Horsemen and footmen in great numbers fell under the swords of the infidels, who pursued them as far as Sihrind.