Hand-book of Universal Geography: Being a Gazetteer of the World

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Theophilus Carey Callicot
George P. Putnam & Company, 1853 - Geography - 856 pages
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Page 76 - BAYENDER, a town of Asia-Minor, pash. Anatolia. P. 2,000. BAYEUX, a city of France, dep. Calvados, on the Aure. P. 9,106. It has a venerable cathedral, in which is preserved the celeb. tapestry of Bayeux, said to be the work of Matilda, wife of William the Conqueror, & representing his exploits in the conquest of Engl.
Page 535 - A 630 private schools. Mendicity is interdicted throughout the kingdom. The people are remarkable for the extreme cleanliness of their streets & dwellings.
Page 208 - The harbor of Cleveland is one of the best on Lake Erie. It is formed by the mouth of the Cuyahoga river, and improved by a pier on each side, extending 425 yards into the lake, 200 feet apart, and faced with substantial stone masonry. Cleveland is the great mart of the greatest grain-growing state in the Union, and it is the Ohio and Erie canals that have made it such, though it exports much by the way of the Weiland canal to Canada.
Page 405 - Lameille co. Vt. P. 1,410. IX. bor., Cambria co. Pa. P. 1,277. X. t., Champaign co. 0. P. 1,213. XI. co. Ky. P. 3,873. XII. t., Gibson co. la. P. 1,205. JOHN (ST.), one of the Danish West India Islands. II. (St.), the cap. city of New Brunswick, British N. Amer., on N. side of the estuary of St. John. P. 12,885. It stands on a steep slope, separated by a projecting rock into two portions, & is neatly built. — St.
Page 164 - It is enclosed by walls of great solidity, portions of which are supposed to be as old as the time of the Visigoths. It has been celeb. since the 12th cent, for its manufs. of cloth, which are still important. Trade in agricultural produce is extensive. CARCELEN, a town of Spain, prov. Albacete. It has a school of primary instruction, a celebrated annual fair in August, & numerous Roman ruins.
Page 103 - Guise was assassinated. There is here an anc. aqueduct cut in the rock by the Romans. The magnificent dykes for the protection of the valleys from the encroachments of the Loire, one of the most remarkable works of the kind in Europe, commence at Blois. BLOKULLA, a small rocky isl. in the Baltic, between Oeland & the mainland of Sweden. BLOKZYL, a marit.
Page 160 - E. Length, 550 m.; av. br., 250 m. Area estim. at 1 10,000 sq. in. P. 179.709, mostly Africans, Dutch, Negroes, A a small number of Hottentots. The country is formed of a series of terraces rising in successive stages from S. to N. The chief mntn. chains are the Drankensteen, Zwellendam, Zwartenberg, & SneeuwBergen, in which last is the Spitzkop, the culminating point of the whole, estimated at 10,250 ft.
Page 610 - IL most unexpected victory, gained Sept. 9, 1356, over the French by the English. POITOU, an old prov. of France, the cap. of which was Poitiers. Poix, a comm. A town of France, dep. Nord, 14 m. WNW Avesucs.
Page 317 - Austria in the partition of the country in 1772 & 1795. GALILEE, a prov. of anc. Judea, comprising the country W. of the Jordan, from Samaria nearly to Sidon, together with both shores of the lake of Galilee. It now forms the central part of the pash. Acre, Asiat. Turkey. GALINARA, a small isl. of the Sard. sta., in the Mediterranean. GALITA, an isl. of the Mediterranean, off the N. coast of Tunis. GALITCH, a town of Russia, on the lake of Galitch. P. 3,000. of 8,215 ft. German is the language of...
Page 592 - PEQDENI, a river of S. America, New Granada, in the isthmus of Panama, tributary to the Chagres river. PERA, a suburb of Constantinople, on the N. side of the ' Golden Horn,' across which it is connected with the I <iuar (city proper), by a bridge of boats erected in 1837.

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