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Of course the book went on to win a Pulitzer, but it is Pulitzer worthy only for Americans who have been very neatly fed the dehumanizing and selective facts in the book.
Of course as an insider the
author would have first rate information, but the book falls flat on its face the moment it is read by some one from the inside of Pakistan or who knows what the author has very discreetly avoided telling.
Like the attack on the U.S Embassy was not the sudden surge of Islamic radicalism on the rise, but a misinformation that the U.S had attacked Mecca.
Also it is only a reader on the other side who will see through how the author has granted a personhood to all the American characters, their backgrounds, their childhood, wife etc. They are people, but those outside the hallowed circles of western leanings are mobs, radicals; faceless, and without a single human trait.
Loads of such stuff here, of course Chomsky has already reiterated the impact of manipulating the masses.
Here we are with the ideas of Jihad thanks to the U.S media , before that, that word had rarely been in our vocabulary.

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A truly helpful piece of literature to read when involved in a project on America's involvement in Afghanistan. Considers a wide range of factors with no visible bias and in a comprehensive manner. All in all a very enjoyable read filled with in depth analysis and strong support for interesting arguments.  

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Use in second part of the introduction.

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A painstakingly researched, lucid, detailed account of the the origins of the Taliban, al Qaeda and the complex nexus between the US, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the remaining mammoth cast of characters. An absolute must read, especially for anyone with a policy making role in the US government.
- Ajay Rawal.

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Osam Bin Ladan is here in Pakistan Abdullatif Bahand knows it well becuse some of them as a Karzai also supporting to Taliban and terrorists network.
Mr.Abdullatif Bahand who is a good supporter
of Taliban and who has working as a Diplomat in Afghan embassy which is located in Moscow city of Russian Federation.
Abdullaltif Bahand is working within KGB of Russian federation and who is the first afghan KGB supporter in Russia.

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