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I liked fencing from the beginning I loved the way men fought with swords, Patrick Steward was or is a Fencer, Adrian Paul is a Fencer, he is good with swords,there was other Actors who were Fencers,there was this chinese guy who played on star Trek who was a Fencer, the guy who played Zorro was a Fencer, Guy Williams was a Fencer. I am a Fencer I have won Seven Medals. Three Gold Two Silver and Two Bronze. I have not been fencing for a while. I do kinda miss it. It was good exercise you are moving all the time. I liked fighting with the other guy. I have my own foils and a real Sword from Highlander. I send away for the DVDS and I got the Sword Free. I think swords were pretty at fighting then guns. IN the early Century they had pistols and swords. In one early Century they just had swords I think. Anne lemar 

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