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CANNOT permit this little book to be put forth, without acknowledging, what is no excuse to the writer, but

may be a warning to the readers, that from the pressure of unforeseen circumstances, it has been necessary both to write and publish it hastily. It was commenced with a wish to make it popular, like the other volumes of this series : but popular Ethics are already provided for us in our Catechisms and Bibles; and it was soon found impossible to treat the subject scientifically, without entering into abstruse questions. It is therefore designed principally for students, who may be capable of deeper researches than mere questions of common casuistry.

My object has been mainly to restore the connexion so long dissevered between the science of Ethics and the Catholic Christianity of the Church; and to touch chiefly on those questions, which are most prominently discussed in the present day. Perhaps it may not be useless to state in a tabular form, as an outline of the contents, the chief principles which are sug-

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