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same with that of the British and tract from which we shall proceed Foreign Bible Society, viz.“ 10 en- to gratily our readers. It is dated courage the circulation of the Holy 25th February 1811. Scriptures without note or comment; “ Our first attention will be given and especially to supply the de. to the objects of a sermon preached mands of the natite Christianis in by the Rev. Henry Martyn, at the India, computed to be nearly a mil- commencement of the present year; lion, including those in the island of and I may add that the interest exCeylon." Near 16,000 rupees bad cited by this excellent discourse, for been previously subscribed in aid of the welfare of so large a number 23 the objects of the British and Fo- nearly a million of our Christian reign Bible Society. Among the brethren, in actual want of the Bible, subscribers, we perceive, with great bas, under the direction of a grasatisfaction, the names of General cious Providence, contributed essenHewett, the Commander in Chief, tially to the formation of our society." and first member of the Supreme “ I understand, that, in addition Council, for 2000 rupees; of John to the liberal encouragement already Lumsden, Esq. second member of given by the British and Foreign the Supreme Council; of Sir John Bible Society to the diffusion of the Royds and Sir William Burroughs, Gospel in the languages of Asia, a judges of the Supreme Court; and further aid, for the same beneficent many other highly respectable cha- purpose, has been voted of two racters. Of ihe newly instituted ihousand pounds per annum for society, John Herbert Harrington, three years. Uncertain as we are Esq. judge of the Suddar Dewannee at present what the annual amount and Nizamut Adawluts, president of of benefactions and subscriptions to the College Council, and professor the funds of the Calcutta Auxiliary of laws, has been appointed the pre- Bible Society may be, I feel reluc sident;-George Udny,Esq. a mem- tant to bazard the impeding, instead ber of the Board of Trade, and late of promoting, the common object of a member of the Supreme Council, our associalion, and that established and N. B. Edmonstone, Esq.chief se- in London, by suggesting that any cretary of the Government, vice-pre- part of this intended supply may sidents ;-J.D. Alexander, Esq. trea- now be dispensed with. Adverting, surer;—and the Rev. David Brown, however, to the donations made last senior chaplain of the presidency, year for the purchase of Tamal secretary. At the first meeting of Bibles, and to those already received the committee of this new society, it this year, towards the object of our was resolved, “ that the objects newly instituted society, I may fenpointed out in the sermon preached ture to assure you, that a sum, at by the Rev. Henry Martyn on the least equal to that intended to be 1st of January, be taken into imme- sent from England, will, if it please diate consideration, and that the God to bless our undertaking, be secretary be requested to make the now raised on the spot, within the necessary inquiries, by opening a same period. I hope also, that our correspondence with the different example will be followed by the inparts of India.” It was also resolv- stitution of auxiliary societies, for ed, that measures should be taken the same Christian object, at Ma. for making the objects of the insti- dras, Bombay, and Columbo ; tution generally known, with a view though, on this point, I have no to obtaining benefactions and sub- authority to express more than a scriptions.

hope. You will therefore be able A letter has been received by to judge, according to the calls upon Lord Teigumouth from Mr. Har your truly catholic benevolence ia rington, the president of the Cal. other parts of the world, whether it cutta Bible Society, with a large ex- be proper to withhold any part of

the pecuniary aid which you de- tory. The correct and idiomatic signed for India, or to let the inha- Hindoostanee version of the New bitants of this extensive region still Testament, made by the united lahave the full benefit of your bounty bours of Mr. Martyn and Mirza to them, in addition to what they Fitrut, will be an important acquimay receive from others.

sition to literature, as well as reli• But your views of universal good gion; and I am happy to hear, that are not confined to the limits of In- it will be immediately printed. dia, which, for a time at least, until “I will only add, that, with a the whole of its Christian inhabi- view to assure the Governor General tants are supplied from their local in Council of our strict adherence to source, must be the principal, if not the defined object of our institution, exclusive, field of our exertions. It and to furnish him, at all times, with will be a work of years to supply full information of the proceedings the demand which now exists for of the society and its committee, it the word of God amongst the dif- was wished to ipvest the chief secreferent denominations of Indian Chris- tary to the Government with the tians; and it must be our constant office of president; but the entire duty to watch for, and meet, any occupation of his time, by his imfuture demand, as it may arise. portant duties, prevented his accepWhether we shall ever attempt tance of that trust, which has consemore than this, must depend on cir- quently devolved to me. You will cumstances; and especially upon observe, however, that Mr. Edmonthe continued zeal with which our stone is one of the vice-presidents ; institution may be supported." and he has undertaken to keep the

“ Were I authorized to offer an Government regularly informed of opinion, it should be, that the stream our proceedings. This precaution of your charity be still allowed to was not perhaps necessary, as duty flow towards the East, and especially and interest must equally preclude to fertilize those countries which the adoption of any measure not have not an appropriate spring. perfectly consistent with our politiThe wide and populous empire of cal safety. But it will be satisfacChina appears, in particular, to call tory to ourselves, as well as to others, for your continued aid to the praise- that the whole of our proceedings worthy missionaries at Serampore, are known to the Government; and who, hy zealous perseverance, have it will, I hope, stifle the voice of overcome the difficulties of acquir- objection from those who are ready ing the Chinese language ; have al- to take alarm at every attempt, howready published a dissertation on the ever legitimate and unexceptioncharacters and sounds of that lan- able, to propagate Christianity in guage, with a volume of the works India. of Confucius; and are engaged in

" Whether the persevering and a Chinese translation of the New zealous endeavours of our filial assoTestament.

ciation will ultimately contribute, in " I will not attempt to give you any effectual degree, to the primary any particular information of the object of your parental and fosterprogress made in the great work of ing society, must depend upon a publishing correct editions of the higher Power than that of man, or Scriptores in the Asiatic languages. of combinations of men. We know, Mr. Brown, who corresponds regu- from Divine authority, that 'except larly with Mr. Owen, and who, you the Lord build the house, 'they lawill be glad to see, is secretary to bour in vain that build it;' and that our society, bas, I doubt not, antici- although • Paul may plant, and pated every thing I could say on Apollos water, it is God that giveth this subject ; and his communica- the increase.' I feel persuaded, tions cannot fail of being satisfac- however, that, by bis grace, someChrist. OBSERv. No. 118.

4 Q

thing will be done in Asia, as well duced on the minds of our readers, as in Furope, towards the spread of by any comments of our own. We the glad tidings of his Gospel over cannot close the present article, the earth; and if no other good however, without particularly reshould proceed from our Auxiliary commending the consideration of Bible Society at this presidency, it Mr. Harrington's letter, of Mr. Marwill, I trust, be blessed, to render tyn's sermon, and of the proceedings the members of it more sensible of to which that sermou appears to the inestimable value of wliat Mr. have given birth, to Major Scout Martyn emphatically calls, .next Waring, the Bengal Officer, and all to the Saviour, God's best gift to the Anglo-Indians who have joined man,' for their own salvation and them, in sounding the alarm against happiness."

the exertions of missioparies, and We are unwilling to weaken the the circulation of the Scriptures, as impression which the perusal of this if these would infallibly overtbrow truly Christian letter must have pro

our empire in the East.

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Van der Hooght's Hebrew Bible, with points, In the press: A Journey through Persia, Asia in 8vo. and is going on witb the sabsequent Minor, &c. by James Morrier, Esq. Secreta- parts. The work will not be advanced to ry of Embassy to the Court of Persia ;— The subscribers, though, from its increased er Analogies and Anomalies of the Hebrew Lan- penses, it must be raised to non-subscribers guage considered, particularly in Relation to after No. 1. the Greek and Latin Languages, by T.Thomas Among the precious MSS. of the Oriental of Wareham ;-A History of the Royal So- library of Monte-Casino, there has just been ciety, by Dr. Thomas Thomson;--A Trans- found a Greek MS. of Apollonius Evander, lation of Mad. De Genlis's Histoire des the nephew of Apollonius of RbodesFemines Françaises les plus célébres, &c.;- Among other important objects which this and, Lectures on the Pastoral Character, by MS. contains, is a very detailed account of the the late Dr. Campbell of Aberdeen, edited eruption of Vesuvius in the reign of Titus. by Dr. Frazer.

A learned Helenist will soon give a transa. Preparing for publication : A Review of tion of this work, with the Greek opposite the History of the Military Sciences, and to it. Politics of War, from the earliest Period to In the library of York Minster, there is the Year 1809, in monthly Parts, at 5s. by a copy of the first edition of Erasmus's W. Müller;-and, A Work on the ancient Greek and Latin Testament, 1516, folio, Costume of England, from the Ninth to the upon vellom. Sixteenth Century: the Designs by C. Ha- A mission from the Dilletanti Society is ou milton, Esq.: the Engravings by Mr. J. A. the eve of departing, under the sanction of Alkinson, and Mr. Meugor.

Government, in a Turkish frigate, destined

for Smyrua. Its object is to make diligent There has lately been a large importation search for antiquities and ancient relics

, in of French works, by Debotte, Dulau, and Asia Minor and the lonian isles. A young Deconcey.

architect and a draftsman, of very superior Mr. Boothroyd has just finished the third talents, has abandoned a lucrative orice, to part of Biblia Hebraica, or Hebrew Bible, aid the views and objects of this society. without points, in 410. The fourth part, Many varying opinions have been expresswbich will complete the Pentateuch, is at ed respecting the virtues of the Eau Medipress, and may be expected in the course of cinale of Husson, as a remedy for the guari the month,

and several cases are stated to have occurred Mr. Frey has completed the second part of which are of a nature to discredit its eficky,

In one recent instance, however (stated in the males, and 58,853 females--total 103,143 Monthly Magazine for October), it appears Glasgow contains, males, 49,086; females, to have been attended with very happy ef. 59,744—total, 108,830; being an increase fects. The Rev. W. Lucas of Doctors' Com- of 23,000 since the last census. Glasgow mons, chaplain to the present Lord Mayor, now ranks the second city in Great Britain now at the age of 62, had for nearly 30. in point of population, being 7,000 more years been attacked with the gout; and for than Edinburgh, and 10,000 more than the last half of that period, had never been Manchester. entirely free from it. During the year 1810, A gigantic plan has been announced for the disease attacked his stomach; and for converting the river Thames, from Blackwall many months he lost all appetite; and was at to the Gallions, and from Deptford to Vaus. last so much extenuated, that he was not ex- hall, into docks, for the building, reception, pected to live. The Eau Medicinale was refitting, and repairing, of the royal navy, as recommended. He took at night, half of a well as every description of merchant vessmall bottle, being about a large tea-spoon- sels; and for forming bridges, mills, &c.; ful. Its operation, thongh attended with besides other works, of great public utility, nausea, was not violent: but the effects calculated, according to the projectur, to have been quite surprising. On the follow- sare the public twenty millions per annum. ing day, he ate the usual meals heartily; --The projectors require to be enabled to and from that time till now, a period of se- convert the bed of the river, from Blackwall ven munths, his appetite has continued good, lo the Gallions, into a grand naval depot and and he has remained quite free from the dis- arsenal, as well for building and fitting out, ease which had so long asicted him. as for dismanuing and laying up, in perfect

Mr. James Moore, a surgeon, after many security, a large portion of the British experiments, has stated his opinion, that navy; and they propose to cut a canal from the Eau Medicinale may be thus produced. Long Reach (where ships have deep water at “ Take of white hellebore root, eight ounces; all tiines) to Woolwich Warren. They prowhite wine, two pints and a half: the pose alsu to convert the bed of the river beroot to be cut in thin slices, and infused for tween Deptford and Vauxhall, into a dock ten days, occasionally shaking the bottle. or basin, for the reception of ships of every Let the infusion be then filtered through pa- description, and to excavate a new channel per. The mixture for the Gout to consist of from Deptsord to Vauxhall, for the current three parts of this wine of white hellebore, of the Thames, (which is intended to be of and one part of liquid laudanum.”

sufficient depth and breadth to allow the pasThe following is a statement of the popa- sage of vessels of all descriptions.) And lation of London, taken from the recent re- further, to cut a tide river immediately turns.

above the dam at Blackwall to a point iinMales. Females. Total. mediately below that at the Gallions. City of London . 57,062 59,693 116,755 A skiiful invention has just been introWestminster . . . 74,538 87,447 162,185 duced into our dock-yards, for making cables The Borough 28,579 32,590 61,109 for the heaviest ships of spring chains, so Christ Church .. 5,032 6,818 11,050 skilfully wrought in iron as to be stronger Lambeth .. 17,935 25,709 41,644 and more durable than rope cable can posNewington 10,124 13,729 22,853 sibly be made; and two or three line of Rotherhithe 4,649 6,420 14,069 battle ships are said to be already equipped Holborn Division* 93,958 194,638 218,596 with these iron cables. Finsbury Division 37,690 44,576 82,266 Families brewing their own malt liquor Tower Division $. 75,787 111,606 187,393 nay use, it is said, 32lbs of brown sugar Kensington .... 4,244 6,642 10,886 with two bushels of mult, which will produce Chelsea .. 7,737 10,525 18,262 fifty gallons of ale, as good in every respect

as if made from six bushels of malt, effecting 945,068 a saving of 31s. 8d. The sugar is mixed

with the wort as it rans from the mash-lub. The population of Edinburgh is 44,290

By an Act of Parliament lately passed, • Including only St. Giles's, St. George's, an incurnbent of any living is empowered to St. Andrew's, St. Pancras, St. Mary-le-bone, borrow at four per cent. of commissiovers and Paddington.

appointed for that purpose, twice the amount + Including only St. Luke's, St. Sepul- of the net annual income of his living, for shre's, Clerkenwell, and Islington.

the purpose of building a new, or improve * Omitting Hackney and Poplan

g his old parsonage. house. This sum, liox.

ever, is to be restored by instalments in published fragments of a poem on the wa twenty years. Should the incumbent die between Mark Antony and Augustus aad before the whole is paid off, his successor long extracts from the second book of Epiis bound 10 discharge what remains, in the 'curus upon Natore. same proportions, and under the same con- A moral work of Polistocles, the disciple of ditions. Government have advanced 50,000. Epicurus, has been published. Fragments expressly for this purpose.

of Colotus upon Plato, and of Coniscus upea A parent has lately been granted to Mr. Friendship, will also be published. An enEgerton Smith, of Liverpool, for a binnacle tire new work of Philodemus on Rhetoric, and compass. The chief object of this in- is in the press. The excavation of Pompei vention is, that the same compass by which is continued with fresh rigour. A part of the helmsman is steering on deck, may at the superb and rich tables of marble card the saine time be visible below in the cabin, there has been placed in the gallery of the thereby enabling the captain to have a con- Royal Museum. stant check upon the steersman, This object is effected principally by the form of

NORTH AMERICA. the glass used. The lamp, or candle, which The following is an official return of the lights the binnacle, is placed in the cabin : of population of the United States, in 1810.course the expense of one light is saved, and Virginia, 965,079, of which 300,000 art all the inconveniences of blowing out in a negro slaves; New York, 959,920, only squally night, are avoided. Though the 15,000 slaves; Pennsylvania, 810,163 ; Nalight is exceedingly vivid, yet the binnacle sachusetts (province and Maine), 700,745; shews no light overboard, so that the vessel North Carolina, 569,516; South Carolina. cannot be traced by it in the night, The 414,935 ; Kentucky, 406,511; Maryland, binnacle is so constructed, that neither rain, 380,546; Connecticut, 261,942; Tennaseet, nor snow, nor the spray of the sea, can enter east and west, 261,727 ; Georgia, 252,431; it; and the compass is so formed, that the New Jersey, 245,562; Ohio, 230,760; Vercard cannot be unshipped, either by the mo- mont, 217,913; New Hampshire, 214,414; tion of the vessel, or by the firing of capnon. Rhode Island, 76,213; Delaware 72,674

Territorial Governments : Orleans, 76,556; ITALY.

Mississippi, 40,352; Indiana, 94,520, At Naples, the unfolding of the manu- Columbia, 24,023; Louisiana, 90,845; scripts found in Herculaneuin, is continued Illinois, 12,982; Michisan, 4,762 -- Total with great activity. There have lately been 7,238,421 souls.



March 20, 1811. By the Rev. S. Claphus, A Sermon preached in the Parish Cliurch M. A. 1s. of St. Paul, Bedford, January 9, 1811. By Sacred Truth, unsolded in a course of T. Scott, jun. A. M. 2s.

Practical Lectures on the principal Doctrines A Sermon, preached Dec. 26, 1810, at of Christianity and relative Duties of Lite the Jews' Chapel, Church Street, Spitalfields. By the Rev. Š. Piggott, A. M. 8vo. 104 By J. Rylaud, D.D. 18. 6d.

The Mosaic Creation, illustrated by llis A Sernion, delivered Jan. 15, 1811, in the coveries and Experiments derived from its Jews' Chapel, Church Street, Spitalfields. present enlightened State of Science; to By the Rev. W. Vent. 1s.

wlrich is prefixed, the Cosmogony of the The National Religion the Foundation of Ancients, with Reflections intended to prou National Education. A Sermon preached mote Vital and Practical Religion. By the in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London, Rev. Thomas Wood. June 15, 1811. By H. Marsh, D.D. F. R. S. Saurin's Sermons, a new and improved 18. 6d.

Edition, with Three New Sermons: trans. A Letter concerning the two first Chapters lated by Messrs. Robinson, Hunter, and of St. Luke, addressed to an Editor of the Sutcliffe. 7 vols. Bro. improved Version. &vo. 6s.

The Life and Death of the ever-blessed Scrmons preached on public Occasions; Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World. By with Notes, and an Appendix, on various Jeremy Taylor, D.D. 2 vols. 24. A new important Subjects. By R. Valpy, D.D. Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. 18s.

Four Sermons preached in London, Nay A Sermon preache 1 st Christ Church 8, 9, 10, 1811, & the Serentecuth Gr

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