The Christian Conquest of India

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Young People's Missionary Movement, 1906 - India - 291 pages
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Page 148 - No horses being to be had, I had an unexpected repose. I sat in the orchard and thought with sweet comfort and peace of my God, in solitude my Company, my Friend, and Comforter. Oh ! when shall time give place to eternity ! When shall appear that new heaven and new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness...
Page 292 - The forward mission study courses are an outgrowth of a conference of leaders in young people's mission work, held in New York City, December, 1901. To meet the need that was manifested at that conference for mission study text-books suitable for young people, two of the delegates, Professor Amos R. Wells, of the United Society of Christian Endeavor, and Mr. S. Earl Taylor, Chairman of the General Missionary Committee of the Epworth League, projected the Forward Mission Study Courses. These courses...
Page 292 - Committee of the Movement. The books of the Movement are now being used by more than forty home and foreign mission boards and societies of the United States and Canada. The aim is to publish a series of text-books covering the various home and foreign mission fields and written by leading authorities.
Page 293 - These books are published by mutual arrangement among the home and foreign mission boards, to whom all orders should be addressed. They are bound uniformly and are sold at 50 cents in cloth, and 35 cents in paper; postage 8 cents extra.
Page 293 - The following text-books having a sale of 900,000 have been published : 1. THE PRICE OF AFRICA. (Biographical.) By S. Earl Taylor. 2. INTO ALL THE WORLD. A general survey of missions. By Amos R. Wells. 3. PRINCELY MEN IN THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM. (Biographical.) By Harlan P. Beach. 4. SUNRISE IN THE SUNRISE KINGDOM.
Page 115 - Kali is represented as a black woman with four arms ; in one hand she has a sword, in another the head of the giant she has slain, with the other two she is encouraging- her worshippers. For earrings she has two dead bodies...
Page 44 - Mill, were undertaken by him some four years after his retirement from official life, in consequence of the transfer of the government of India from the East India Company...
Page 51 - As a representative of the educated community of India, — and I am entitled to speak on their behalf and in their name, — I may say that we regard British rule in India as a dispensation of Divine Providence. England is here for the highest and the noblest purposes of history. She is here to rejuvenate an ancient people, to infuse into them the...
Page 293 - All the World. A general survey of missions. By Amos R. Wells. 3. Princely Men in the Heavenly Kingdom. (Biographical.) By Harlan P. Beach, MA, FRGS 4. Child Life in Mission Lands. A course of study for Junior Societies. By Ralph E. Diffendorfer. 5. Sunrise in the Sunrise Kingdom. A Study of Japan. By Rev. John H. De Forest, DD 6. Heroes of the Cross In America. Home missons. (Biographical.) By Don O. Shelton.
Page 155 - ... Nor was this all. From the simple reading of the words that promise blessedness to him who loves and prays for his enemy, one youth was turned to the feet of the divine speaker, and became the fourth convert of the Mission. For days and weeks the young Hindoo could not help crying out, ' Love your enemies, bless them that curse you ! How beautiful ! How divine ! Surely this is the truth...

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