History Of India(from National Movement To Present Day)

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Atlantic Publishers & Dist, 2001 - India - 384 pages
This Monumental Four-Volume Work Offers An Elaborate And Chronological Account Of Indian History From The Earliest Times To The Present Period.The First Volume, Which Pays Special Attention To The Reigns Of The Great Indian Monarchs, Such As Chandragupta Maurya, Asoka, Kanishka, Samudra Gupta, Chandra Gupta Ii (Vikramaditya) And Harsha, Has Adequately Highlighted The Achievements Of Their Reigns In A Manner That Is Bound To Arouse Not Only Curiosity But Also Provoke Reflection. Full Attention Is Also Given To The Cultural, Religious And Social Conditions Of India During The 6Th Century B.C. The Book Also Portrays The Golden Age Of Guptas, The General Administration Of The Cholas And The Flourishing Culture Of The Pallavas.In The Second Volume, All Aspects Of Indian History From A.D. 1206 To 1773 Are Discussed. Part I Of The Volume Covers The Sultanate Period, And Part Ii The Mughal Period And The Arrival Of The Europeans. The Process Through Which The English, Who Came As Traders But Rapidly Transformed Themselves Into Rulers, Is Outlined In The Volume. A Very Important Feature Of The Volume Is The Emphasis It Lays On The Social, Economic And Cultural Conditions Current In India During The Sultanate And The Mughal Periods.Indian History From A.D. 1773 To The Present Is Covered By The Third And Fourth Volumes. These Volumes Also Offer The Reader A Detailed And Graphic Account Of The British Period Of Indian History. The Focus On The Revolt Of 1857, The Development Of The Constitutional Framework From 1773 To 1950 And The National Movement Will Prove To Be Of Immense Interest To The Readers And Students Of Indian History. The History Of India Since Independence Has Also Been Discussed In These Two Volumes. Some Of The Other Important Topics Covered In These Volumes Include The Indian Movements For Reform And Social Change, The Impact Of The British Paramountcy On Indian Economy And The Legacy That It Has Left.Written In Simple Language And A Lucid Style By A Person Who Has Been Teaching The Subject At College Level For Several Years, This Comprehensive Yet Reasonably Sized Four-Volume Work On Indian History Will Prove To Be Of Immediate Interest And Relevance Not Only To Students And Teachers Of Indian History, But Also To The General Reader.

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Good book for getting basic grounds clear about the National movement!


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