You Are Eating Plastic!

Front Cover
Grivante Press, Feb 16, 2020

This interactive children's book about Recycling, Sustainability and the Environment teaches kids why RECYCLING can't be the only solution to plastic pollution and what they can do to REDUCE waste. Parents and Teachers love how this Children's environmental book EMPOWERS them to talk about climate change with others, helping them develop social skills. It's a must on your bookshelf.


At the end of the book, you will find 5 pages with interactive activities about the topics covered in the book: environment, sustainability, landfills, types of pollutions, single-use products, decomposition, reduce waste, footprint, different kinds of plastics, how to identify what you can recycle....

You are eating plastic Interactive Children's Book About Recycling, Sustainability and The Environment is ideal for children age 7, age 8, age 9, age 10, age 11, and age 12.


If you're a PTA, PTO, Green Team or a teacher looking for environmental materials for your students, consider this book for your eco-friendly events or for Earth Day celebrations

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