Prosperity for All Nations: A Call to Action

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Prosperity Web, Jan 2, 2020 - Political Science - 278 pages
The purpose of this book is to instill in you the belief in the goodness of all humankind and to implement a system that enables us to live free, prosperous, and peaceful lives. Freedom means living in a society of fairness, where we have equal access to opportunities and checks that prevent us from harming others. Just imagine a world where every individual is only allowed to do good, and no one is above the law.The objective of democracy extends well beyond the selection of leaders. A society can thrive only when it has a system of checks and balances to ensure fairness. The best option we currently have is a democracy that limits the powers of leaders and their terms in office. It also distributes governmental power across many segments of the society, again with the ultimate goal of limiting any one person's ability to cause harm to others.This book uncovers the myths about what leads to prosperity. It shows that it is not education, it is not the language, it is not culture, religion, race, natural resources, nor geography that leads to prosperity. Most of the world's problems occur because corrupt leaders have the power to steal without being punished.Prosperity requires checks and balances in a system of government so that the natural instincts of human beings to assist each other are not thwarted by the corrupt acts of a limited number of people in positions of power.

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About the author (2020)

Raza Hasan believes that the internet can help release untapped human potential. Born in Pakistan, he has experienced adversity and believes that there is a solution. He now lives in Minnesota and has spent the last forty years in the USA. Raza has achieved a global perspective by traveling to over 30 countriesHe is currently the President and CEO of TimeSolv Corporation. Raza's greatest strength is thought leadership in combined solutions based on disparate disciplines: technology, politics, and human behavior. Raza has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor's and Masters in Engineering from Iowa State University.

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